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Hi ya’ll! I’m Ashley from How Do U Like Them Apples?

I am a novice mother, a loving wife, and an obsessive & impatient crafter. My husband is quite the handy-man, but travels for work most weeks, thus I am left holding the electric drill, literally. I currently borrow sewing machines from who ever is crazy enough to hand one over. I collect (obsessively) fabrics of all kind, scrapbook papers, picture frames, stamps and new ‘gadgets’ to aid in my crafty endeavors. I also have a huge Craft Graveyard and I like to pile things in corners around my house, car, etc. (which drives my husband nutz).

 Needed Supplies: 1. Scrapbook paper of your choice-I used two prints, one for each layer of lable 2. Adhesive-I used the really sticky double sided tape for scrapbooking (with red backing) 3. Paper cutter or scissors4. Sharpie or other type of marker5. Pre-cut letters (optional)-letters can be hand drawn, traced from a stencil, printed from your computer, or use stickers 6. Glass bottles-mine are IBC bottles, but any bottles you have lying around will do, even bottles of different shapes and sizes would look nice together. I think an amber colored glass bottle would be great, too.

I bought my Alphabet letters from Target (from the $1 bin). I had some great ideas for Halloween to use these self sticking chip board letters, BUT I forgot I had ever bought them. So, I figured this would be a great project to start using what I have on hand :)

* Picked out the letters I needed to spell ‘Thanks’
*Noticed that the colors of the letters did not suit my current project-
Here comes my black Sharpie to the rescue!
*Color the tops (and sides if needed) of your oddly colored letters. 
Then see how your handy work looks on your scrapbook papers!

Grab one of your glass bottles and measure around the bottle. I used a piece of paper, wrapped it around the bottle, and held the paper with my finger where I needed to cut my paper. Make sure to have at least 1 inch of paper to overlap the edges once the paper is wrapped around the bottle. I cut my strips of paper like such: Flower background print: 3.25″ x 9″ Orange/Gold stripe print: 2.5″ x 9″ I glued my strips together first, then wrapped them around the bottles. I used my double sided tape to adhere one end of my strip to the bottle, and then the other end to overlap.

I put my letters on the paper before wrapping it around the bottles, but you can wait until the end to add your letters-whatever works best for you!
I used my new Thanks bottles for my Fall Mantle decor, but they were missing a little something :(

What to do? I know!   To use Thanks bottles for Mantle, I used:

1. Silk/faux flowers-in color(s) of your choice (I bought mine at Walmart for about $1 per bunch-I used two bunches)

2. Faux grass or other tall greenery (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby when their flowers were 50% off-I used one bunch, see bottom of picture)

3. Wire/Floral cutters-to cut your flowers apart and your stems to the correct size

I cut all my flowers apart, and the ‘greenery’ at the base of the bunch. 
Then I added them to the glass bottles (see bottles in background of the picture on the right).
Now add your bottles (in the correct order, spelling does make a difference in this craft) 
to the area you want to decorate.
Very festive-and perfect for Fall/Autumn/Thanksgiving!
Now, I know you are dying to see my mantle all finished for this month. Am I right?
Well, I guess I can do that, just for you!

I hope to catch you over at How Do U Like Them Apples? in the future. Come check out a few of my other projects like my New Hairstyle, flooring for my Woman Cave, our Master Bedroom Artwork & our little  Sink Escapade.


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