November 4, 2011

They like it, they really like it (football ramblings)

the I Spy Quilt - they are actually using it!

I can't be the only one who crafts various things for their kids, only to have the kids never look at it/wear it/etc, right?!?  Maybe it's just my kids, and the rest of you have children decked out in crafty goodness?  Anyways, they're actually using the I Spy Quilt - wahoo!

So we went from this boringness at a previous game:
To this sort of fabulousness last week:
And apparently I'm so busy taking pictures of the happenings of the sideline crew and the hunky coach's rear
that I don't actually get pictures of the one playing - oops.  I drug out one from the first game of the season, just so he can star on the blog too - -

Have a great weekend - our last game of the season is tomorrow......


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hahaha - Is the hunky coach your hubby? (I hope.)

that is awesome! I love when they appreciate what I made - I am sure that made it so much more gratifying for you

lovely to be appreciated and have something you've crated appreciated too, hunky you say..must be your hubby..Big Hugs ♥

Love "I Spy" quilts. They're so much fun!

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