November 4, 2011

Tunic Top

We recently took family pictures - I'm sure I'll show them off sometime as I aim for Christmas Cards...

Anyways, our colors were red and gray.  I wanted someone in solid red - I bought a shirt for my daughter, but I didn't love it.  So I decided to sew one up for her.  It wasn't quite what I had in mind, but pretty close - I was limited to the patterns that were on sale that day.

I wanted something Tunic-ish, so I went with Simplicity 2689 - - the only problem was it started at a size 8 - I think my daughter is a 6 at most in patterns, but I just tried to cut it down some.  I even made the belt, although in the above picture it had kind of slipped down a little - I liked her to wear it about 4 inches higher.

Anyways, I impressed myself with the construction.  It went together easily and I did it all on my own (sometimes I have to call my mom to interpret patterns for me!).  I like how the sleeves bell out and the vintagey feel of the yoke neckline.  It took an hour at most, start to finish and was fun to make.  I only used a yard of fabric, so the whole thing cost about $3 (it was cheap walmart fabric, except for the belt houndstooth which was a small cut, on sale at Joanns).

I should really do things like this more often!


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What a lovely girl!!! she looks like very well.... I liked it...greeting

Awwww! How cute! You did a great job! Love the red with the gray and white houndstooth! ~ Barbara

That is such a cute top, and the belt adds a lot of character to the outfit. You did a great job, and wow, you did it inexpensively!

I love that top so much! I might have to make it myself! Your sweet daughter is adorable! Can't wait to see all the other pictures!

I love this tunic! VERY cute. However, that belt is the topping on the cake! I want to know how you made it! I'd love to whip one up for my daughter!

cute, cute, cute! can you come show me how to use a pattern?? it's like a foreign language to me! :) xoxo

It turned out great! Can't wait to see your family pictures too. I love the red and gray!

That looks lovely! And such a cute outfit as a whole!! Very nice!

I love her look for your photos! The belt is adorable!

Thanks for posting this, Mandy! I actually have this pattern and haven't used it yet! I love the red!

I made one of these myself. such a great tunic

Cute top! Commercial patterns can be rough! :) You did a nice job with this though and your daughter looks adorable in it!

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