November 2, 2011

WIWW - big belt

I've been wanting a big belt for awhile after seeing various outfits on Pinterest.  Well wandering through Forever 21 (only my 2nd time in that store  - - it seems to have great potential!) I saw a big ole belt for only $6!  Where has that been all my life.  I grabbed it and have already worn it a bunch.  People probably see me and think "really, again with the belt?!?" but hey, I'm getting my $6 worth for sure.

So first up, I made one of those Tshirt vest things and belted it - the belt is for sure the star of the show:

Next up, I thought this outfit was dead on - I wish I would have taken a picture outside in good light before it got dark - oh well.  My shirred skirt, denium shirt (walmart clearance, $1!), big yellow Paparazzi earrings -
And then I even put it with my maxi dress, again with the denium shirt - - I didn't take an outfit picture that day, but here you can kind of see what I'm wearing (weekend trip to St. Louis - fun fun!)
So what about you - - have you ventured into the big-belt-around-cardigans/shirts look??


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I love the look. The first one is great I love that vest you made too

the first outfit is my favorite! Love the pops of color! :)

Cute outfits!! I used a shirt to make my son's pirate vest for Halloween :) Love the use of yellows!

It is a really cute belt for $6! I like it on you. I have noticed that you write "denium" that a regional thing? I always thought it was denim?. Anyway. Like the statement belt and earring combo.

I was just popping in to ask about the denium/denim thing as well. Love the belt.

That's the most awesome $6 belt I've ever seen. LOVE your outfits with it.

I love the look and was SO close to buying a similar one at Forever 21 but just didn't know if I could pull it off. I definitely want to try it because I LOVE it!

Laughing very hard at your Facebook comment about the denim/denium. You are so cute!

Very cute- this belt is great and so versatile~

I need a big belt. I pinned one on my pinterest the other day. I just need to find the time to make one.

Love the big belt!! It looks great with all your outfits!!!

You have such a tiny waist so it really suits you!

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