WIWW – Cowboy Up!!

So this WIWW has a little backstory.  On our way to St. Louis several weeks ago, you see about a hundred signs for a store called Larry’s Boots.  After seeing one too many signs, Trevor pipes up with, I think I’d like to get a pair of boots.  Me: “who are you?!?!?”  Well, it wasn’t just a whim – – we actually stopped at Larry’s boots on the way home – he tried on several pair – but did you know that cowboy boots are outrageously expensive?

So now that he knew what he wanted, he search Ebay and bought last year’s model, paying right under $100 for the $400 pair of boots – awesome.

We eat Sunday dinner every week at my parents’ house.  Trevor wore his boots – my mom loves boots and has recently worked on growing her collection.  Since they were talking boots she brought them all down for showing off:

See that pair on the very right — she got them last year for Christmas.  I remember thinking “those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!!”  Well, my mom and I wear the same size shoe, but her foot is chubbier on top and those ugly boots are too tight for her.  But not too tight for me.

So you guessed it – – I got caught up in all the cowboy boot excitement and now I think they’re great – – – I’ve already worn them a couple of times…

Side note – this necklace was a long one, but I needed a short pink necklace, so I just safety-pinned the chain in the back (see this second photo)- done and done, two necklaces in one:

Then I wore the boots with a black dress to church, really rockin the boots.  (Um, side note, on the WAY HOME from church I realized my dress was on inside-out – yep, I had worn it all morning like that.  super awesome.)

So, what camp are you in??  The pre-boot-frenzy me that thought these boots were awful, or the post-boot-frenzy me that embraces the fabulous cowboy boot lifesytle??

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Love this post! Love your husband’s boots. Love your mom’s line up of boots. Love you in your (newly accepted) boots. Love your inside-out dress :) What a totally fun post, I needed that because I have to cook two gigantic turkeys today for the 43 people coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving lunch (they bring the rest of the food).

    Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!


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    I love boots!! I’ve been looking to get some for a few months now too….but haven’t taken the plunge yet. They are EXPENSIVE! Maybe after Christmas. :)

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    Oh WOW am I jealous of your mom’s boot collection!

    I have been searching EVERYWHERE some great, broken-in cowboy/cowgirl boots. They are surprisingly hard to come by in Oklahoma thrift shops. I guess people tend to hang on to the good (and expensive!) stuff. Love the ones you snagged from your mama!

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    I’m from Texas and we LOVE our boots! Most of the time us Texans pair them with jeans. Your skinny jeans are perfect for showing off your fancy boots! :)

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    not only do you have fabulous boots on your feet, but they are designer sting ray! I am eyeballing a pair with retro flowers on them in all colors! it will be my 4th pair of boots. we won’t even discuss how many my husband has. he’s drawn me in and now I love them and try to get outfits revolving around my boots! Enjoy!

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    I am a HUGE cowboy boot fan too..I have three pairs from FRYE…and just was gifted a RED pair from Langstons (they are on their way to me and I simply cannot WAIT to wear them).
    Yours are awesome! Your mom has quite the collection.
    Hope you had a great turkey day.

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