November 30, 2011

WIWW - gray and brown

What I Wore Wednesday for me is all about just stepping a little out of my comfort zone - this did it for sure!  I have been seeing outfits with gray and brown.  I've always know that gray and brown DO NOT go together - you know, gray is black-based so it goes with black, not brown.  Well here's to breaking rules - I wore a couple of different gray and brown outfits - and I think they turned out alright...

First up, gray stripes with black leggings, with added in brown on the belt and the boots (just got them - LOVE them!! love the side detail that you can't see....and funny, last year Kate bought knee-high casual boots and I thought it was weird, then this year I HAD to have some - I'm always a year behind on fashion, if not later....) - gray sweater thing was seen HERE

 Secondly, to church I wore my gray dress from DownEast, seen HERE, sort of, with striped cardigan thing (seen HERE) with the boots and belt and big brown necklace:
So, thoughts??  Are you good to go with gray and brown or still iffy??  I think it has grown on me.  So I guess I can break that rule.  I still won't be wearing pink with red anytime soon, although I know some people do that - I just can't cross that line yet!

And random, finding those "seen HERE" links in my write up today were hilarious - I don't remember any of my past WIWW posts and it was fun to see some - - I might need to do a WIWW blast from the past one week and review things from earlier this year....


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brown and gray totally work! love it :) i'm wearing black and brown today!

I think you look great! I just remade a brown skirt, maybe I need to find something gray to wear with it!

I think it looks cute. I am like you with pink and red...but with blue and black. I just can't seem to get past the darker blue and black combo sometimes.

Love your church outfit! And yes...brown and gray are great together! :)

You look amazing in both outfits, I would say brown and grey work quite well :)

I love the grey and brown and think both outfits are adorable!

You make grey and brown look terrific!! Love them both!

Well, according to "What not to wear", you can mix neutrals. Gray and brown are both neutrals, so you are set!

I really like the first outfit on you a lot. Very cute! Not sure about the second....maybe all the details and accessories are a bit much for me. But agree with the commenter before me that you can treat them both as neutrals and mix and match! Go grey and brown!!

Love gray and brown. I wear it myself. Visiting from WIWW...cute outfits.

Isn't it funny how fashion rules evolve? I was a staunch believe in not mixing brown with black OR grey until last year, now it's my preferred choice! Your outfits are both cute, in fact, I have a picture saved on my computer of that DownEast dress because I loved it so much!

I agree with Valentinegirl. I LOVE the first outfit. The second one is good too, but maybe a little busy? I'm not totally sure. I think the dress already has a lot of detail at the neck, and so I would either not wear a necklace at all, or a more subtle one. I've also been on the look out for a good set of casual red/brown boots. You're always getting a great deal on things... were these the same? Where did you get them?!?

I've always been like that too... I won't even wear brown leather shoes with a black/gray top. You pulled these two outfits off well! LOVE those boots!!!

i love pairing brown and grey. i think it is all about the right tones to make it work. You totally rocked both looks!

i love the grey and brown together! especially the 2nd outfit! too cute!

Visiting from Monday Mingle.
Do love these outfits and the grey and brown looks great.

I actually love unconventional colors together. You ALWAYS look great!

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