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What I Wore Wednesday for me is all about just stepping a little out of my comfort zone – this did it for sure!  I have been seeing outfits with gray and brown.  I’ve always know that gray and brown DO NOT go together – you know, gray is black-based so it goes with black, not brown.  Well here’s to breaking rules – I wore a couple of different gray and brown outfits – and I think they turned out alright…

First up, gray stripes with black leggings, with added in brown on the belt and the boots (just got them – LOVE them!! love the side detail that you can’t see….and funny, last year Kate bought knee-high casual boots and I thought it was weird, then this year I HAD to have some – I’m always a year behind on fashion, if not later….) – gray sweater thing was seen HERE

 Secondly, to church I wore my gray dress from DownEast, seen HERE, sort of, with striped cardigan thing (seen HERE) with the boots and belt and big brown necklace:

So, thoughts??  Are you good to go with gray and brown or still iffy??  I think it has grown on me.  So I guess I can break that rule.  I still won’t be wearing pink with red anytime soon, although I know some people do that – I just can’t cross that line yet!

And random, finding those “seen HERE” links in my write up today were hilarious – I don’t remember any of my past WIWW posts and it was fun to see some – – I might need to do a WIWW blast from the past one week and review things from earlier this year….

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I really like the first outfit on you a lot. Very cute! Not sure about the second….maybe all the details and accessories are a bit much for me. But agree with the commenter before me that you can treat them both as neutrals and mix and match! Go grey and brown!!

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    Isn’t it funny how fashion rules evolve? I was a staunch believe in not mixing brown with black OR grey until last year, now it’s my preferred choice! Your outfits are both cute, in fact, I have a picture saved on my computer of that DownEast dress because I loved it so much!

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    I agree with Valentinegirl. I LOVE the first outfit. The second one is good too, but maybe a little busy? I’m not totally sure. I think the dress already has a lot of detail at the neck, and so I would either not wear a necklace at all, or a more subtle one. I’ve also been on the look out for a good set of casual red/brown boots. You’re always getting a great deal on things… were these the same? Where did you get them?!?

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