November 9, 2011

WIWW - - - houndstooth?

I want to talk about houndstooth - - but first, a few random outfits:

I've been rocking my Paparazzi accessories - - it's what I'm wearing in all these outfits.  

First up, dressing up the plain t with a necklace and lace undershirt:

Yes, you've seen this flowy white shirt before - - I tried wearing it with corduroy pants - are those even acceptable these days??  I thought they might be making a comeback, but what do I know... 

And here I'm showing off using flower clips on a scarf  (lots of people think they're only for hair, but they're great for scarves and belts, etc) - - I actually sold this right off of my outfit :)
 Now, houndstooth - - it's a type of print.  I am against houndstooth - I've never liked it.  But lately it seems to be popping up everywhere.  It's even  the lining of my camera bag, much to my dismay.  Well, my sister-in-law got this Houndstooth Shabby Apple dress (more dresses from Shabby Apple).  She never thought it looked right on her, so I had her pass it my way.  I feel like it's a little big in the bust area (what isn't!?!?) and waist (hence the belt to add a little shape and color) but otherwise I kind of like it.  Maybe houndstooth is growing on me.....
Here's the picture of the dress I found on Pinterest - I think hers fits a little better - maybe I need to alter mine just a little....


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You look so great Mandy! My fav is the third one. I did think that the shabby apple dress looked a little big on you even before I scrolled down and saw the pinterest version. You are a great seamstress though, I'm sure altering it would be easy least for you! That said, I like the look of it and how you added a belt.

That is such a cute dress! Oh and I LOVE houndstooth! It is so classic and timeless! Every woman should have at least one houndstooth item in her wardrobe. I have many! And my home decorating includes a lot of houndstooth! Love it! ~ Barbara

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I absolutely adore Houndstooth. It is my favorite pattern. I hope it continues to grow on you.

I love the dress!

I think houndstooth can be tricky because it can wear YOU, you know what I mean? But I think that if you altered the dress to be more fitted, pulled your hair up, and went SUPER SIMPLE on the accessories it would be cute(r). Maybe instead of red belt and earrings, you wear simple pearl studs, and carry a cute (simple) clutch? Love the red shoes with it!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower clip on your scarf! So cute. I think you have great taste!

Love your first outfit absolutely the best! I think one has to be a lot younger than I am to like houndstooth. It's definitely one of those things that is a fad now and then, but not a classic look. It will be gone next year and then back in another 30 years when the next generation has to discover it for themselves. lol

i love the houndstooth.. i think if you make it s little more fitted it will be perfect!

I have to confess I love houndstooth. I think the dress looks great on you but I agree a little alteration is in order. :) However I LOVE the red shoes!!

It is super cute. I love the flower on a scarf. I never would've thought of that! I think it's so cute how you're barefoot in all your pics! I agree-the dress is a little big on you, but it doesn't look bad. I am off and on with houndstooth. I don't feel like I can wear it, but I like it on other things like bags, scarves, etc.

you don't like houndstooth!? lol. you are adorable as always...i just found some purple corduroy at joanns and i'm going to go buy some and make myself a skirt!

I think the great is adorable!! Love all your other outfits also. Visiting from WIWW! :)

I love the red shoes. I've never been a huge fan of hounds tooth, but I think if you altered the dress a bit it would look great! I am a big fan of the flower clip on the scarf!

I like the look with the corduroy pants!! :) I've never been a huge fan of hounds tooth either... That dress looks nice though! With a little shape fixing it'll be lovely!

Oh, i love that dress. I do agree that it needs to be tailored a little bit because it is a little large on you. I'm sure you can work some magic on it though.

I liked the houndstooth dress. Very retro, Jacki-o feel. Nice.

The houndstooth dress looks beautiful on you! I would love a dress like that. I will have to check out SA.
Hugs, Cindy

What?!?! You are rocking the houndstooth, I am loving that dress! You have gorgeous hair and I love the outfit with the scarf and flower too! :)

If you ask me, corduroy is cool. I like the houndstooth dress, you pull off that belt look. I wish I looked as good with belted dresses.

I think the dress looks good - The collar area, which is what was bothering me the most, looks just fine on you!

My fave is the cardy with with flower clip. That blue color really suits you.

Love the houndstooth dress and the pop of color with it!

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