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UPDATE!! – tutorial is ready! - – this black shirt has gone CRAZY on pinterest – – whoever originally pinned it used it as an idea for a possible DIY.  This actual shirt I bought, as I talk about below.  But with all this hype, I plan on doing a DIY version – looking at the shirt, it seems pretty doable. Find the Tutorial Here: Men’s Shirt Refashion, Side Gathered

I’ve been lazy about What I Wore Wednesday – – I actually have stepped it up a little on some days, but then I forget to take pictures – it gets dark so early these days!  Anyways, here’s a couple of things to discuss….

I got a new shirt from DownEast clearance – I’ve been eyeing it since it’s debut in the catalog, and I’m in love.  Probably my new favorite black shirt – great fit, a little interest, fun but not too crazy, dressy but not too dressy – -

I wore it with my Paparazzi necklace that is my current favorite and I know those rolled cuffs aren’t that great.  But the good new is that after I wore these jeans I hemmed them – it took 5 minutes and you can’t even tell I hemmed them – why had I been putting that off??  Here’s detail of the side:

So, this is a little out of zone, a fuller cut on a dress, knee length.  But I keep seeing them all over Pinterest, so it was in my mind.  I found this dress at a Thrift Store – and it was $10 – yikes.  I wondered who in the world would pay $10 for a dress at a thrift store, but since I was trying other things on I added it to my stack.  And look – I now know who pays that much – me.

It fits really well in the waist.  I wore it with a cardigan but it was still pretty warm out for a fall day, so I didn’t think boots were appropriate – I went with brown heels, but wasn’t sold on them. And then it once again brings up the debate we had last winter about hose – to wear them or not?  Are bare legs in the fall acceptable?

So let’s hear it – do you have any fashion advice for me this week??  Comments on WIWW posts are some of my favorite!!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Great find at the thrift store…even if it was ten bucks! You look great in yellow! I like the fun black shirt too! Thumbs down to hose…leggings and tights are much more comfy!

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    The black shirt looks cute and comfortable. I love the yellow dress with the belt and cardi… and maybe this isn’t “trendy” but I say no to the brown belt with black shoes. I also HATE panty-hose… so I go bare leg. I think it’s more natural and panty hose remind me of my grandma most of the time anyway.

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    Okay, I LOVE the black shirt! And not that you need it, but it looks like it would cover some jelly belly (I just had a baby!) so I LOVE That. Totally buying it. And GREAT necklace with it! Though I think I would sport a little heel or a boot instead of flats (which are cute, btw).

    The dress is adorable and love the belted cardigan! I think if you wear leather then you need to match- those browns look too “off” for me. I love the idea of boots with it. And as for the hose question, I think they have become functional- wear when you need them for warmth- as opposed to a rule (like how white after labor day isn’t a problem anymore).

    LOVE WIWW!!!

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    I love the black top in the first picture. It makes for a very cute outfit.

    I like the individual components in the second picture, but for me, they don’t all work together. The yellow dress is adorable. The belt is great, but I think — because you are so tiny — a thinner belt would look better. To my eye the wide belt seems to cut you in half.

    If you have them, I think cowboy boots would be so cute with the dress and cardi.

    I probably wouldn’t wear stockings with this outfit either, but I haven’t quit wearing them altogether, especially with suits and dressier dresses.

    You are a cutie, and I am envious of your tiny little self!

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    I don’t know why I bother to post here because I’m such a jeans and t-shirt girl, and know nothing about fashion, but I don’t love the black shirt. I like the side detail, but not what it does to the front of the shirt. It also makes the shirt flare out so your hips look wide. Only it’s too high to be your hips, so maybe that’s what I don’t like… that it shortens your torso because of how it flares below the side decoration.

    And I like the yellow dress, but not the shoes with the belt.

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    OK, top outfit… LOVE it! Don’t know what people have against rolling pants up! I have ONE pair that I do it with all the time (my legs are long, so it’s hard to find any long enough much less roll) and love them! LOVE the pops of silver! Well done on the accessorizing there for sure!
    The second one… I really think tall brown boots would’ve been a better choice, if not maybe brown flats. I’m just not a fan of those heels I guess.

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    I love the top outfit -I think the black shirt is really nice. And I like the paparazzi necklace too -even though I’m not a big jewelry person.

    I really like the yellow dress too, but I’m not sure I like the whole outfit together.

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    Ahem..that was me..i had no idea how crazy it would go when i pinned it and said to take an guys old T-shirt and refashion it…I did make one attempt, but, ummm…not so great…so I’ll keep tryin…

    i keep getting emails about how it is getting re-pinned and people are following my refashion ideas boards…CRAZY!!!

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    Thanks for the clarification! I saw the post on Pinterest and have been searching all over your blog to find the how-to! How crafty are we that we try to figure out how to make something store-bought! ;o)

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    I bought a shirt almost exactly like this except long-sleeved from Kohls. I had to buy a shirt last-minute and it was my choice but I knew it would be a fun DIY project. I really need to try it now :)


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    Love this shirt!

    So now that you’ve had it a couple months and hopefully have worn it and washed it a couple of times I have a question for you. Is the elastic staying put? Sometimes with elastic thread it comes out easily (store bought shirts) and so I’d love to do something like this but am wondering about the durability of the elastic thread.

    Do you backstitch a time or two, or tie it off on the wrong side? Anything special you do? I just keep thinking that pulling it off and on a number of times might wreck the effect so to speak.

    Love to hear your thoughts on that.

    reklimes at usfamily dot net

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