Backpack and Doll Carrier – gift idea!!

Do you have a girl who loves dolls??  I do! I just whipped one of these up for my daughter (shhh, it’s a secret – don’t tell her) – – it’s awesome!!

 What is it, you ask – – well, let me tell you, it’s perfection!  It’s a backpack, child size, and on the outside of the backpack is a doll harness.  So it’ll be filled inside with all the doll clothes that we have floating around and the doll can go along in the harness with her things wherever she needs to be.

I was sent a pattern from Gramma Allie, from her etsy shop.  You can find the Baby Doll Backpack Pattern HERE, for only$5.  I have never sewn a backpack before, but I did it!!  It really wasn’t hard – trust me!  She even shows a super easy way to sew in a zipper – I was impressed with myself at the construction of the whole thing.  Here’s a peek into the inside – I serged all the seams for a finished edge – -

 My favorite part is the bold piping I added – – the pattern calls for thick material for the backpack and the only canvas I had on hand was this plain turquoise.  So I thought piping would be the perfect way to add pattern and color.  I made my own piping which I’ve never done before but it was really easy — basically you just take a strip of fabric, fold it in half, put cording in the fold, and then sew as close to the cording as you can. My cording was kind of thick because I was going for some fat piping – – doesn’t it look great?!?!

 I think it took me 1.5 to 2 hours to make – so not that long.  And remember I did all that extra work for the piping, so I’m sure it could be constructed faster.  So if you’re needing a gift for Christmas for that special little someone, you still have plenty of time to make this!  It’s a gift for my daughter, so I obviously couldn’t get her to model the backpack for me – – so you’ll just have to imagine this strapped to her:

You can make this!!  Really!  Doesn’t a backpack sound hard? – I thought so, but look, it wasn’t!  You can do it!  Gramma Allie’s Etsy Shop is the place with the pattern.

Side note – – my girls love their dolls – they’re not real American Girl Dolls – they’re the Target version, Our Generation.  And since they were only $20, not $100, I don’t mind when I see the dolls being played with in the leaf pile or getting odd hairdos or being drug out to numerous stores or joining us on vacation. I highly recommend the Our Generation – the hair isn’t as nice, but the rest is almost the same, and my girls don’t know their dolls aren’t “real”.

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    Oh, I would have loved this as a girl! I’m sure you’re daughter is too. I came out so great, I wish I could sew that well. Nice job!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

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    Cute bag! And I totally agree about teh crazy prices of American Dolls. My daughter has a Fancy Nancy (a gift from my mom) and my son (yep, he’s got dolls, and he totally loves them) got a Disney version from Goodwill. I bought it for the outfit as a gift for my daughter, but my son clutched onto the doll, named it “Baby” and carried it with him everywhere for a week. Now, it’s usually at home, but he still loves Baby. Neither of my kids could care that their doll wasn’t a true American Girl (though, I’m doubting my son ever will)!

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    This is darling, and the piping really gives it a polished look! Question for you: how did you sew the curved back and front pieces to the straight middle strip so well? Any tips? I just made the bag myself, and that was the hardest part for me! Thanks!

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