December 19, 2011

Easy Photo Ornaments

I made these last year, so late in the game that I didn't even post about them then - - I think it might have been Christmas Eve day.  So you've got plenty of time still to make some this year!
The kids favorite ornaments are the ones with pictures.  This year pulling these out of the box, they LOVED them.  I love how it captures a moment in time.   I also love how they're totally kid-friendly - if they get knocked off the tree or thrown across the room, it's no big deal.

So easy - they're just a mini pillow.  I didn't even turn them right-side out - - I just sewed them on the outside and cut the edges to look like fringe. 

Tutorial - take 2 squares of fabric and one slightly smaller square of clear vinyl (like stuff you'd use to cover your dining room chairs with  - it's clear and plasticy).  Stack them and sew around 3 edges - be sure you're sewing the vinyl as well.  Then stuff it with fluff and sew that edge shut - be sure to insert a ribbon loop on the top.  And don't sew that edge over the vinyl - you need to be able to slide a picture in.  Cut edges to fringe if you want.
 That's it - seriously so quick  - - to mark the date I just got out a sharpie and wrote it on - I'm sure you could do something much cuter, but I didn't.
 So hop off the computer and go make a few - the kids will love them!!


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