December 5, 2011

Holiday Card Holder

What to do with all those Christmas cards you want do display....I've got an idea that I'm IN LOVE with!!
--It was a great couple of weeks with Guest Post Extravaganza - bit thanks to everyone who participated - I knew I'd have to come back with a rockin' idea, with all that time off to come up with something -- so here it is - a rockin' way to display cards!!--

A friend knew that I'd put this old crib bedspring to good use - - immediately I thought it would be a perfect way to display Christmas Cards!  This spot is right in my entryway (the dresser post is HERE and you can see the location in the Frame Wall Post).  So here's a before - - I never really loved the mirror (see it over the dresser, in the side of the frame wall picture??)- - Trevor just hung the bedspring right up on the same hooks the mirror was using - easy peasy.

The only problem was I wanted to show this to you in case you want to do the same thing - but I don't have many Christmas Cards to display yet.  I borrowed some decorative ones from Ashley, then I added the pennant banner (like this tutorial, only a mini version) and this cute "Tis the Season Banner"
 For clips I'm just using clothespins - mini and regular size.  I think it would be easiest to spraypaint them, but I didn't happen to have any red spray paint on hand.  But I did have red craft paint and an eager 7 year old - perfect:
The way the frame of the springs sits, it touches the wall while the springs part is away from the wall about half an inch - so there's space to use clips, etc.

I am so IN LOVE with this - - it's a big space so it needed something big like this.  I think I'm going to leave the crib bedspring up year-round and just change the decor on it as the season changes....I'm so excited about it!!!
UPDATE:  here it is at the end of the holiday season, all filled up.  I am still so in love!!


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I love that idea. I, too, am always looking for a creative way to display / decorate with the holiday cards. Well done!

Great idea. I'm featuring this at today.

such a cute idea!!! Looks very festive, but also versatile enough to be used all year!

oh I REALLY like it - the industrial feel just fits right in!

Makes me wish I had a bedspring!! Awesome idea Mandy!

You're right! It's totally awesome and looks even better in real life! LOVE IT!!

That is SUCH a neat idea! I love finding new many have such creative minds! Thanks for sharing. :)

love this idea. i have been seeing lots of ideas using crib bedsprings lately...too bad i got rid of mine already. oh well, i will stockpile the ideas for when i ever come across one! ;)

Such a cute idea, but it has to be in the right house. The crib spring would look like a fun accessory in one house, but in another it might just look like a crib spring. Same thing where I live in the country. If I put an old piece of farm machinery in my yard, it would look like another piece of junk. If some gorgeous house in the city had it in their front yard, it might look cool and be a great conversation piece. :-)

By the way, I love your family photo! Lovely.

That's a great idea!!! We don't get that many cards yet, so I just have a small one for now, but someday something big like this would be awesome!!!

Great idea to display Christmas cards!! I have a crib spring in my craft room that I use as an inspiration board and I love it!!! It's so versatile, it will look great all year when you change it with the seasons!

Love this idea! Very cute entry!

LOVE it! I pinned it on Pinterest. Oh I just noticed the dresser below. Really love that! barb

LOVE it! i also love that dresser beneath with everyones names. THAT is genius!

I seriously love this! What a fabulous idea!! Thanks so much for linking up!!
xoxo, Ashley

Saw it, loved it, copied it, blogged it! Gave you credit, of course!

LOVE IT~ I actually have the crib(and all the parts) that my Mom and Aunt used. Some day (hopefully sooner than later) it is finding a home on a bedroom wall. I must say we did ponder one of the living room walls after seeing this. Now maybe I should just go bring it downstairs so it gets hung!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Love it! I never have the good fortune of finding such treasures. (I'm sure if I ever did have the opportunity I'd pass it up because I wouldn't be creative enough to think of something like this!)

This is great! My mom still has the mesh from underneath MY baby crib. Now I am going to ask for it! Thanks for the idea!

I just found you from "RoadKill Rescue" Love the idea with the bed spring. Will be spending time with your blog now!

This is such a great idea! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, UPcycle. Thanks!

Love this. I feel like I am always wondering where to put the cards. I'll be featuring tomorrow on A Little Tipsy!

Wow a great idea. I would of never thought of using a crib spring. I also love the embellishments you added. THanks for sharing. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.

i'm going to try this today! i have 2 old cribs :) so excited to try something different for my cards in my foyer and then i think it'll look great with pictures on it for the rest of the year! thanks for the great idea-pinned it and it's already had lots of repins :)

This idea is amazing ... I have shared it also :)
Thanks for the tip & Merry Xmas :)

Hey just wanted to let you know that I liked this so much its on my "Green Craft Round-up" Today!!

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