December 9, 2011

Holiday Ideas - blast from the past

So, in case you weren't a dedicated blog follower last year, here's some of the fun projects from then - - enjoy the look back!!

Snowman Glove Dryer - set it on your floor vent to use the warm air to dry gloves, etc:

Glass Etched Plates -- makes for a special presentation when delivering cookies:

Bokeh Pictures - - pictures with blurry background - great for in front of tree lights:

Loretta Lynns - treats I make every year - hershey kiss wrapped in a cookie:

Gingerbread Houses - - the kids helped with these, so don't judge!

Snowball Skirt - - so easy - you can sew this!

Stocking Hangers - - super easy and cute

Yarn Ball Wreath -- this was my first wreath, and I still love it!

Initial Holiday Shirts - - they're wearing them again this year:

Greeting Snowmen - I actually didn't make this, but I'll still show it off:

Christmas Tree Hairclips - you can make these!

Bunting Ornament - out of polymer clay:

Handprint Holiday Pillow - see how the kids have grown each year!


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Ok, your daughter's face in the snowball skirt pic is hilarious! She does NOT look amused :)

Thanks for sharing these!

WoW! You were busy last year too! :) I agree... the little ones face in the skirt pic is too funny!

YAY! I'm so happy you put all this together! Makes it SO much easier to find all your awesomeness!! :)

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