I’m sure there’s lots of us sewing up some pajamas for Christmas.  I just finished mine and wanted to show them off.  The pictures aren’t great because since they’re gifts my kiddos can’t model them – that would ruin the surprise!  Hopefully I’ll get some better pictures after Christmas, but for now, here ya go:

First up, a whole PJ set for my 3 year old (yep, he had a birthday – we’re moving up in life!) – – I think as a set it’s too cute!  It was my first time using a vintage pattern (although nothing says non-vintage like tacky cars novelty fabric) – hopefully when I get him to try them on I’ll do a whole post about it….

But as a sneak peak, let me point out that the whole thing was constructed with “fell” seams – never heard of that? Neither had I – – it’s like the seam on jeans – you sew things on the outside instead of the inside.  It makes it so there’s no seam allowance on the inside, which I’m sure is super comfy…

Next up, matching (well, matching opposites) girl and doll nightgowns for my girls.  Nightgowns are kind of hard to come by, and they love them, so I thought I’d try making them.  I have a friend who has a shop that sells these sets (Hollyberrys, here – she’s got a couple of sets left, so if you want one for Christmas, snag it quick!) which made me think, I can do that.  I think to get that boutique look, you make the sleeves and hem in a different fabric than the main body of the nightgown.  These are flannel so I think they’ll be snuggly warm.  It was my first attempt at doll clothes – those things are tiny!  So overall, I think these nightgown are kind of tacky, with the fabric choice and all, but I know my girls will LOVE them.

 I used this pattern, just didn’t do that ruffle thing and used the real sleeves instead of ruffle sleeves:

 Finally for my 9 year old son – I thought about not making him any, but didn’t want him to miss out, so I whipped out this pair of PJ pants out of fleece – super fast.  If you haven’t tried making pajama pants, this is a project to tackle – you can do it!!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Tacky or not my daughter would LOVE those cars PJ’s!

    Isn’t the felled seam awesome? I made a video tutorial about it awhile back, because I love how clean and “put together” it looks. Definitely needs to be in the spotlight more in the sewing world!

  2. says

    Awww…I remember when my mother made me a dress, and a matching one for my doll. I LOVED that! She also made me a fake “mink” stole, and one for my Barbie. lol I played so much with that fake mink stole. (made out of fake fur)

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    Thanks for sharing these super cute jammies! Reminds me that I’m going to try to conquer the PJ pants project for my son for his b-day since I’ll be making him an entire bed set…figured I try to make him some matching jammie bottoms!

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