December 22, 2011

Kids Gift Giving

How do your kids give each other gifts??  Do you draw names?  Give to and from each one??

The past several years, we take them all to the Dollar Store, then they each pick out something for each sibling.  So 4 kids buying 3 presents each for the other 3 kids.  It adds up. Plus they all buy something for me and Trevor.  So we end up dropping $20 on a pile of junk.  They enjoy giving presents to one another, and although this method has its place, I wanted something different this year.

I thought it'd be fun to have them make gifts for each other.  We've done this in the past, but I think they were too little then.  (Now they're 9,7,5,3).  And I have some better ideas this time around.  And we're creating in groups, which seems easier.

So the girls are making gifts for the boys.  For my oldest, they'll decorate a board and pipe to make him this balance board I found at ElsieMarley - awesome, right??  Head there for the tutorial.

balance board

For my 3 year old, they're making him a bean bag toss game  - - no picture inspiration for that one.

Then the boys will make gifts for my girls.  Mainly my oldest will make them.  This is what I came up with - he'll paint blocks with triangles so they can do mosaic pictures, etc.  Each girl will get a set.  I found this on The Etsy Blog - head there for the tutorial.

I'm hoping these projects will be pretty easy and stress free and projects the kiddos can do without a lot of supervision (those "kid" craft projects that involve me having to help with every little step drive me crazy!).  I'll let you know how it goes....just a few days left.....


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Each Christmas my mom would give me a "bonus" allowance of $20 to buy presents for my parents, grandparents and my sister. We would go to a craft show and I would have to budget my money to buy something for everyone. I loved getting to give gifts on my own. I usually ended up splurging for my older sister; she is worth it. However, she is a lot easier to make things for. Aren't girls always easier?! I think you have a great idea of creating gifts for each person. So neat!

Great ideas! My kids are still a little young but I look forward to when they can choose a gift for each other.

that is so smart to have the girls make the boys presents, and the boys make the girls' stuff. What a great idea! We are drawing this year for my husband's siblings, and it just made it simpler and less stressful (and expensive) for everybody. The girls drew names for girls, and the boys draw names for boys. My husband was happy because then he gets a man gift rather than something for our house! :)

I just did a sibling gift post on my blog yesterday. We had the kids make gift for each other. Kiera made an angry birds bowling game and Ethan made a homemade playdough cooking making kit. It was a lot of fun.

Great idea! We're doing a Secret Santa this year but I think next year we'll do a craft one as the kids will be just that bit older!

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