December 13, 2011

Lifestyle Crafts Review

Hey everyone - it's still Take-A-Look Tuesday today - just scroll down a post for that....

Have you heard of Lifestyle Crafts?  They're the ones who have the amazing die-cut and embossing machine.  I am going to show you how to make a 3D paper flower - I used their eyelet circle dies, but you could cut circles by hand as well.

But first up, they also are running a super fun contest - all you have to do is make a facebook status about the contest

More contest info HERE.

So, want to know what I've made recently with my machine??

Remember this cute letter banner on my Card Holder Display - yep, I cut it with my Epic 6 cutter -

It's so easy to use - - you just set the dies on the mat thing and roll it through the machine - even my preschooler is loving to cut things!!

(ugh - I swear I took a picture of her using the machine, but I can't find it - sorry!)  But I did find a picture of my toddler working it - he needed a little help twisting the handle, but still loved "helping":

 Alright, so a quick tutorial on how I made the 3D paper flowers - - just like fabric ones - -
--Cut 5 circles and 2 large circles.  Fold the 5 smaller ones into fourths and use hot glue to hold their fold (pictures 1 and2).  Then glue them down to one of the large circles like pie slices - 4 should fit (picture 3).  Then use the 5th one as the center by cutting off its tip and gluing it in the middle, standing up (picture 4).  Flip the whole thing over, cover in glue, lay a stick on it, then lay the other large circle on it, so seal in the stick.  That's it!

See how they are 3D - - and last longer than real flowers....

 Easy peasy - you can make them!

I also made some boxes with the box and lid die:

I love using dies to cut out shapes that you will use over and over - makes it super quick and easy!


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Oh, I love the little boxes with lids that you made. They are too cute.

The 3-D flowers are so cute! Hey, we're having a blog hop for FB Fanpages tomorrow. Stop by!

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