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It’s that time of year – – wedding season is on the horizon!!  We actually just went to our niece’s winter wedding last week in Oregon – -

But doesn’t it seem like most weddings are in the late spring/early summer??  Maybe I just think that because that’s when my wedding was – mid May.
I have a friend getting married mid-June this year, so that’s super exciting, along with a couple of engaged cousins.  I know there are probably lots of you out there planning an upcoming wedding – this post is for you!!
I just discovered Hello!Lucky – they have wedding invitations and if you want to get super fancy, letterpress wedding invitations.  There are SO MANY to choose from!!
I love getting a picture of the couple in the wedding invitation – there is just something about seeing them that I really like.  So if I were picking invitations, I think I would go with a letterpress one (where it’s indented into the paper) and slide a picture into the envelope.  That way it’s the best of both worlds – a fancy invite, and a picture.
Do any of you have thoughts on wedding invitations?  Do you like the casual ones or the fancy ones?  My wedding invites we printed on velum paper and tied with a ribbon on top of the card – it was the thing to do then.  Isn’t it interesting how everything goes in and out of style – even wedding invitations!  Anyways, check out Hello!Lucky if you get a chance for all the wedding invitations that they offer.
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    i absolutely hate the formal invitations… i made our wedding invitations myself, i took a photo of the “stop: get married!” place on the Game of Life board, with a little white car with a blue boy piece and a pink girl piece inside. then i photoshopped everything but the get married space and the two little people black and white. a little text saying “zach and jo are getting married! please join us for the celebration!” and a banner on the bottom with time and place, and a piece of black card-stock were added… that’s it. my in-laws hated it, but i didn’t care.

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