December 10, 2011


Did you notice that good ole Sugar Bee Crafts got a little mini-makeover??  No huge changes, but just a little spiffing up.

  • I was trying to make more content visible on the front right when you open it up, so I made my header smaller.  But then it seemed lost - so I added my love, brackets!!

  • Once I added the brackets (I've been in love with the whole bracket thing for about a year now) I knew that I'd use that idea for the mini-makeover.  I redid all the headers of the sidebar sections to have brackets.
  • I did a few behind-the-scenes adjustments to help the whole blog load faster.  One that you might notice is that I will be truncating the Take-A-Look Tuesday post.  Not on the day of the post, but the next day, you'll need to click a "read more" button to view the whole link-up.  Hope that's not too annoying, and it'll just be that one weekly post....
  • Menu Bar!  I spent a whole afternoon figuring out how to make a drop-down menu bar - cool, right?!?  It may not be the prettiest, but it works and it helps organize things.  And I feel cool when I hover over it and all those choices drop down
  • Along the lines of the menu bar, I created more pages to help organize tutorials, etc.  Those pages aren't quite updated yet, but I'm getting there....
  • New picture - - I thought it was about time for a new picture.  I moved it right up front, because the blogs I love most are where I can immediately see who's behind the blog - like I somehow know them better when I see their picture.
So, I narrowed it down to 2 pictures and took an informal poll on facebook as to which to use - close up or backed out.  Backed out won:

then I turned them into circles - to match the whole dot thing I have going on in the background...

To take pictures, I hang up background paper on my front porch (for the good lighting) and ask Trevor to take my picture - - he thinks it's weird but does it anyway.  In any photo shoot, I do a few test shots to get my camera settings right.  I had to use him as a stand-in to get my settings right before handing him the camera -- anyways, I randomly got this picture of him, which I thought I'd share....him trying to be suave:

Taking your own picture is hard - - you don't know what you look like (editing it is weird too - - I softened my wrinkles, awesome!)  Here's a few outtakes - - me constantly talking, trying out the "looking away" look,  and slouching - I needed someone to tell me to sit up tall!!


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Mandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to 4 awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City Area. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Google +

14 Fabulous Comments:

Looks great Mandy! I love brackets too!

Love this little makeover. :-)

I've noticed the changes and they are great! I need to do some big changes but I'm so computer illiterate it takes me days to do a tiny change. I'll get there in time though :) I love your photo too, your so cute!! That's also on my never ending to-do list. I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!

Love all the changes! Looks great! Don't you just love husbands who are such good sports. : ) I don't think I could finish half my stuff if the hubby wasn't looking at my funny, but still helping me whole heatedly!

What a babe!!! Love the new picture :) The makeover is fab too. Love your blog!!! Doesn't sprucing up the blog feel like you just had a room makeover or something! I love doing that.

Looks great! The brackets really make the sidebar titles pop!~JamieS

Love the new look! I'm one of those annoying people without a photo on the main page- guess I should get on that...

I wonder if the approach of the new year brings out the makeover in bloggers? I am in the process of making mine over, too for January. Yours looks fabulous-of course! What editing tool did you use to make your header and your sidebar icons? Love brackets, too!

I LOVE the new look!! And how you did it was so clever!! I use poster board for a lot of my pics. My sister thought it would be funny to stick just her head on it and so I snapped a few funny pics. I WISH it had dawned on my back then! JUST use a BIGGER piece for OUR pics! DOH!

best picture of trevor ever! (this is kate)sit up tall, shoulders back and tummy in!

I'm loving the new updates! And your new pic looks great! :) My hubs is like that too... thinks the blogging stuff is weird but goes along anyway. haha.

do you have a tute for the drop down menu? or do you know of a good one?? thanks mandy!

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