Did you notice that good ole Sugar Bee Crafts got a little mini-makeover??  No huge changes, but just a little spiffing up.

  • I was trying to make more content visible on the front right when you open it up, so I made my header smaller.  But then it seemed lost – so I added my love, brackets!!

  • Once I added the brackets (I’ve been in love with the whole bracket thing for about a year now) I knew that I’d use that idea for the mini-makeover.  I redid all the headers of the sidebar sections to have brackets.
  • I did a few behind-the-scenes adjustments to help the whole blog load faster.  One that you might notice is that I will be truncating the Take-A-Look Tuesday post.  Not on the day of the post, but the next day, you’ll need to click a “read more” button to view the whole link-up.  Hope that’s not too annoying, and it’ll just be that one weekly post….
  • Menu Bar!  I spent a whole afternoon figuring out how to make a drop-down menu bar – cool, right?!?  It may not be the prettiest, but it works and it helps organize things.  And I feel cool when I hover over it and all those choices drop down
  • Along the lines of the menu bar, I created more pages to help organize tutorials, etc.  Those pages aren’t quite updated yet, but I’m getting there….
  • New picture – – I thought it was about time for a new picture.  I moved it right up front, because the blogs I love most are where I can immediately see who’s behind the blog – like I somehow know them better when I see their picture.
So, I narrowed it down to 2 pictures and took an informal poll on facebook as to which to use – close up or backed out.  Backed out won:

then I turned them into circles – to match the whole dot thing I have going on in the background…

To take pictures, I hang up background paper on my front porch (for the good lighting) and ask Trevor to take my picture – – he thinks it’s weird but does it anyway.  In any photo shoot, I do a few test shots to get my camera settings right.  I had to use him as a stand-in to get my settings right before handing him the camera — anyways, I randomly got this picture of him, which I thought I’d share….him trying to be suave:

Taking your own picture is hard – – you don’t know what you look like (editing it is weird too – – I softened my wrinkles, awesome!)  Here’s a few outtakes – – me constantly talking, trying out the “looking away” look,  and slouching – I needed someone to tell me to sit up tall!!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I’ve noticed the changes and they are great! I need to do some big changes but I’m so computer illiterate it takes me days to do a tiny change. I’ll get there in time though :) I love your photo too, your so cute!! That’s also on my never ending to-do list. I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!

  2. says

    Love all the changes! Looks great! Don’t you just love husbands who are such good sports. : ) I don’t think I could finish half my stuff if the hubby wasn’t looking at my funny, but still helping me whole heatedly!

  3. says

    What a babe!!! Love the new picture :) The makeover is fab too. Love your blog!!! Doesn’t sprucing up the blog feel like you just had a room makeover or something! I love doing that.

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    I wonder if the approach of the new year brings out the makeover in bloggers? I am in the process of making mine over, too for January. Yours looks fabulous-of course! What editing tool did you use to make your header and your sidebar icons? Love brackets, too!

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    I LOVE the new look!! And how you did it was so clever!! I use poster board for a lot of my pics. My sister thought it would be funny to stick just her head on it and so I snapped a few funny pics. I WISH it had dawned on my back then! JUST use a BIGGER piece for OUR pics! DOH!

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