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Hi there! I’m Louise from the I’m Feelin’ Crafty blog. It’s awesome to be here at Sugar Bee Crafts! I’m always excited to see what new creative and crafty things Mandy is up to! My blog is all about my crafty endeavors and inspirations. I primarily sew, but I’ve been known to get my hands in a little bit of everything… Including party planning, art, quilting, kids projects and more… The only things I will not try are knitting or crocheting… Those two things seem sooooooo hard to me! I also use that fear as an excuse because I’m scared I’d love it and then have 30 more projects on my To-Do list! The other projects I’ve become obsessed with lately are paper cut art pieces! I made one for Halloween and absolutely loved it, so thought I’d make another winter one. That idea grew into a tutorial that I want to share with you today! Step 1- Gather the materials! Frame- I actually used a wooden painting panel (1 1/2″ depth) turned backwards! Paper! The blue background paper, the white paper, gold glitter paper for the star, and glitter paper for the tree ornaments. Images- If you’d like to use mine, download them here. Foam Core Spray Paint- If you want to paint your canvas Cutting Materials- cutting mat, straight edge, exacto knife and extra blades Hole Punches- I used a regular hole punch and two smaller ones, 1/8″ and 1/16″ hole punches Picture Hanging Materials- Eye Screws and Wire And miscellaneous tools that didn’t fit in the picture!- Double sided tape and Glue Step 2- Spray Paint the frame. This is going to be Step 2 and a few in-between steps throughout. I started with this step. Then moved on to the next steps and between steps would go add my second and third coats of paint. I got my panels at Artist and Craftsman Supply here in Seattle. Actually I got mine out of our cabinet that stores our art supplies and my lovely husband pointed out that the panels I used on this and the Halloween one was actually not mine at all, but his! It was nice of him to donate them to the cause! I know what’s going in his stocking this year… Step 3- Cut the background paper. Step 4- The Papercuts- Part 1! This step is kinda long and tedious. I kinda hate to say that, but I don’t want you to get into and wonder why it’s taking so long…. If it is, you’re doing it right! I taped my image onto the white paper and then start cutting. Don’t try to get it perfect in this step. This one you’re just making the lines, but not worrying if they actually connect… (this will make more sense in the next step) Step 5- The Papercuts- Part 2! Yep, another long step… Remove the image from Step 4. This is where you replace your knife blade and go in and actually connect all the lines for nice sharp corners. Also, don’t forget to cut the moon. Step 6- Cut the Foam Core. Outline the ground-line of the paper cut on the foam core and then cut the foam core about a 1/4″ shorter than the actual paper cut for each layer. Step 7- Tape the Foam Core. Tape the foam core to the papercuts with double-sided tape. I love this Scotch tape! It says it’s removable, but it holds really well!! Step 8- Punch out the snow. I used both of the smaller hole punches for the snow and primarily the 1/16th inch punch. Step 9- Glue on the moon and the snow. First I laid out where the moon was going to be and then glued it down. I sprinkled all the snow on, then adjusted if there were any clumps of areas with too much snow. Then I glued it down. I was planning on just using regular glue, but imagine my surprise when I found this WONDERFUL ball point glue pen. LOVE IT! Step 10- Punch tree ornaments. I used all three hole punches for the ornaments. Step 11- Cut out the star! Step 12- Glue on the ornaments. I was a little skeptical about the ornaments… I loved it with just the star being the only color, but at the same time, I loved the ornaments… So I did a little mock-up with and without the ornaments. Obviously I went with the ornaments! Actually, this idea didn’t hit me until I was done… But I actually liked the idea of making one or two extra layers of the tree… Hmmmmm…. Next time… Step 12- Take a break from the actual art piece and add the picture hanging wire. Step 13- Assemble all the pieces! Start by adding the double-sided tape to the back of the frame. Then continue by adding the tape to each layer and building up the piece. And lastly, add the star to the top of the tree! Just like in our house, the star (or angel, depending on the year) is always the last ornament! Step 14- Hang it up and enjoy!   I’m so excited about my new paper cut obsession! What do you think? I’m thinking art shows, my name in lights, world acclaim…. Ok, Maybe I’ll just stick to making them for my home…. I do hope to see you over at my blog I’m Feelin’ Crafty. Check out some of my other tutorials, including my most viewed one for Dragon Wings, and for perfect for this season, simple fabric gift bags! And I’m so glad to have the advent calendar out again!


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