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Need a super easy craft for this afternoon?? I’ve got it!  Paper Strip Ornaments!!

I hosted playgroup at my house and I just can’t not do something crafty when there’s a group gathered.  Several people claim to be non-crafty, so I knew I needed a project that anyone could do.  This was it — all it requires are strips of paper and a stapler – easy!!  I saw the idea over at DesignSponge, where you’ll find the tutorial:


The fun of creating in groups – – first off, Kate was working on a different project for the craft competition she’s in – – but crafting had her all kinked up (I guess we’re getting old!) and couch-bound to stretch out – -

Maybe half a dozen of us made the paper ornaments – easy and fun, and just used scrap paper – – a win win all around.

I know most people were going to use them on their tree.  I wanted to make a garland, but then loved the idea on DesignSponge so much that I decided to hang them over my dining room table.  Kind of tricky to take pictures because it’s right in front of a mirror – see:

I wish you could come on over and see these hanging for their full in-person effect – I love them!!

And really, YOU CAN do this!!  grab some paper and a stapler and friends or kids, and get to crafting!!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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