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Did you see the awesome pictures I posted earlier today??  Of course, being at the photo shoot is a whole different story – – my toddler was woken up when we got there and me–ow, he was feisty in tears.

And on top of that, Trevor enjoys making crazy faces – I guess it’s his thing – – see, look for him – -

 Then it’s always hard when I have something in mind – – I wanted to do this couple’s shot – facing each other, all romantiesque (found on pinterest and I can’t trace back to the original):

Pinned Image
Seemed easy enough, but not – – first we tried hoping up on a hay bale (Which was a feat in itself):

and got a whole lot of awkward shots:

 This was probably the best, and only because I went black and white with it…

 So I wanted to try for it again – – but let me tell you, facing each other is just awkward – -

Oh well!

Oh, and I wanted to point out what Amber did for my mom’s cards – don’t they look great??

Christmas Photo Card

I also love this one – – that orangish-reddish color is so IN right now….
Custom Personalized Christmas Photo Card, Green, Vintage
Anyways, have a great weekend – – I’ll be back at it  full force with blog-filled fun on Monday!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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