Serve, dinner with friends, and $100 giveaway!!

This post is sponsored by Serve from American Express. Sign up for Serve and receive $10 credit towards your first use. Comment below within the next 7 days for your chance to win an extra $100 credit to your account!

Did I catch your eye with the $100 Giveaway – awesome, right?!?!  First let me ramble a bit…

Ever heard of Serve??
–It’s a new way to pay other people via email or your mobile device (I signed up online on my computer then installed the app on my phone) – makes it so easy to pay your friends back, or get them to pay you back:)
–It was super easy to set up.
–It is Serve from American Express, so you know it’s safe and secure to use.
–You can get $10 in your account just for signing up – who doesn’t want $10!!  Plus on top of that, you can refer friends and earn up to $50 – kapow!
–Just head on over to!!

So we got to enjoy a night out on Serve…..

The plan was to go out to eat down on the Plaza - I love doing that around the holidays…


But, that picture is from last year, not this year – we didn’t get to go.  Trevor’s college team is going to D2 Nationals, and he made the trip to Alabama to cheer them on  – which meant we had to go to eat on a Tuesday.  Which is a tough time, so we stuck to somewhere super close to make things easier.

So we ate at this place called Conrads, new in town.  It was alright – a little open (we sat in the middle of the room – maybe that’s why) and slowish, but alright enough.  But super fun to be able to eat out with friends and try out Serve!!  And my serving was HUGE – I ate it there, and 3 different times as delicious leftovers.

(excuse the poor pictures – it was darkish in there – I should have just used a flash – – and excuse the no makeup – remember, I can’t wear makeup for week due to Lasik…..)

Everyone paid their own bill, then I paid them back with my Serve account – super easy!!  I just hopped on the computer right when I got home and sent it – easy peasy.

I really think that Serve is a win win – I received a card that goes with my account – like a prepaid debt card that links to my Serve account – it makes it so easy to use the account.  Plus sending money to friends and collecting money is easy as well.  I’m so glad I got the opportunity to try it out.

So now it’s your turn!!  Try it out! - – All you have to do is sign up for a Serve Account, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.  You’ll be entered in the giveaway for a $100 credit to your account.  Update – – giveaway now ends on Dec 31st.  Good Luck!

Remember to sign up for Serve and receive $10 credit towards your first use. Comment below within the next 7 days for your chance to win an extra $100 credit to your account! Official sweepstakes rules and regulations may be found by clicking here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

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