December 17, 2011


We make Christmas Wish Lists each year - since it's "wishing" some things are kind of outrageous.  On mine I put "the gift of sight" - - but guess what -

I did it - I got Lasik!!

I should have taken the camera to the whole thing - what kind of slacker blogger am I?!?  Oh well - - here's a picture of when I got home - they tell you to sleep for several hours (like that's possible, with kids and all).

So anyways, want to know some random things I learned about Lasik??
  • You have to wear your glasses beforehand for days and days - who knew!  That's huge - I really don't like wearing my glasses - I never ever do, so it was a big deal to have to wear them.
  • if you can't even see the big E, you get a special technique (my vision was -6.5)
  • You need 2 prescription eye drops - - one tiny bottle by itself was $88 - yikes!!
  • You can't wear hairspray or perfume on the day of the procedure - the evaporating alcohol in it messes with the lasers
  • As a bonus, you get a free pair of sunglasses - super cool, only not.
  • I swear they were passing out Valium like candy in the waiting room - I waived it off.  Are people really that nervous??
  • The procedure was done in a giant fish bowl - - big windows where everyone could stare in at you.  And your eyeball is being televised live to the waiting crowd (only the crowd in the little waiting room outside the procedure room, not the super crowded main waiting room - that might make them turn and run!)
  • As you wait, a giant eyeball of the person in front of you is starring at you from a TV monitor - I watched out the window instead.
  • You have to wear a paper hairnet thing and paper shoe covers.
  • Lasers are really bright.
  • You might not feel anything, but you can sure SMELL it - it reminded me of someone welding flesh, not that I've ever smelled that before, but anyways...
  • After zapping your eye, they just send you on your way - see ya later (you come in the next day for a follow-up check).
  • The sun is really bright.  Afterwards you're light-sensitive - the drive for me was 45 minutes - - that's a lot of sunshine, even with the cool glasses - I hid under my coat.
  • You are supposed to sleep several hours after the procedure.  I made it for less than one - something about having kids who need attention and Trevor was heading up my preschooler's birthday party.  Shoulda probably planned that better....
  • You get to sleep with plastic eye shields for a week to make sure you don't rub your eyes in your sleep.  They tape directly to your head which looks awesome, see picture above.
  • You have to use eye drops constantly.  I really don't like putting eye drops in, and for a day or two between the three types, I was putting them in every hour.
  • You can taste the eye drops - yuck!  After 5 minutes after putting a certain one in my eye, I can taste nasty medicine in the back of my throat - weird.
  • You can't wear any eye makeup for a week - I'm not a huge makeup wearer, but I always throw on mascara at least.  So I'm sure it's a shock to see me a la naturale.
  • Your eyes will be super blood-shot the next day.  It's bruises from the procedure and will last a couple of weeks.  Looks bad, but that's it.  Kind of hard to take a picture of, but here ya go:
  • I started at -6.5 and the morning after the procedure, I was 20/25 and should only improve.  I'm sure I'm 20/20 now.  Wow.
So worth it.


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you will be so glad - I did mine 11 years ago - it was my "present" for us paying off all our debt before having kids - it was worth every single cent - I was almost blind since age 2 and couldn't wear contacts - sometimes I still roll over to reach for my glasses!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting this. I can't see the big E either and I have waiting and waiting to get this done. I would love to see my beautiful children without glasses not to mention the clock! I think this will be next year for me.

Yay, I'm so glad you were able to get your wish for Christmas! That is awesome. I was lucky enough to be able to get lasik earlier this year too. Everything you said was the same for me, except for the fish bowl thing! I was in a room with no windows and just a few people who who helping with the procedure. Which I'm kinda glad about. And when you mentioned the burning flesh smell, I thought YES that is a good description of it, haha. :) Congrats on being able to see, it's the best! :)

Wonderful! So glad you were able to get Lasik and that it worked out so well for you! Just the thought of someone monkeying with my eyes freaks me out.

This is great news. Happy blessing of sight.

I've been wanting to have this done but you may have just scared me out of it! Yikes! "They" (whoever they are) act like its on big you walk in zap, zap and away you go!

That is awesome (and kind of scary) all at the same time! Glad you made it through and are on the way to recovery! :)

That's awesome!! I want to do it but have to wait until I'm done having kids, but then I'm doing it!

How exciting! : ) I'm always asking people about their experience with it! Pretty sure the weirdest thing would be tasting your own eye drops!

I definitely want to have this done, I can't imagine what it would feel like to see again. I think my prescription is pretty close to yours I'm somewhere in the -6. something range so you know how it feels!

But you can't be pregnant or nursing and pretty sure I have been that way for the last 4.5 years, lol!

WOW!! that is so AMAZING!! congratulations on your Gift I am sure you will be Rejoicing for Years to come.. I don't have that bad of vision ... But I am like you I hate wearing my glasses... They actually give me a headache.. The pressure on my temples from the frame... I prefer contacts.. But even those I barely wear... So I am the Lady in the back of the Crowd Squinting... :)

I get the heebee jeebee's just thinking about the proceedure you had to go through but I'm thankful your vision is vastly improved.

That is so cool. I have some major bone loss issues and I'm getting dentures right after Christmas, but my husband is already saving up to get me lasik next. Your post made it so that I'm not near as scared of it!

I'm super freaked out by lasik, but I need it so bad. I don't know what to do. I don't like the idea of my eyelids being held open.

awesome! congratulations! I have a friend who has this on her Christmas wishlist. I'll have to send her on over to your post.

I've been thinking of doing Lasik myself so I appreciate the post. My eyesight is awful though (-10 and -11.5), so I'm told it will only make it a lesser rx not perfect vision. I keep waiting for insurance to cover it, but alas, doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. I must say it made me a bit queasy just reading it, but it seems worth it. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting this. The hubs will be getting Lasik one of these days. I'll have him read this, so he'll be a bit more prepared. Glad it went well and you're on the mend :)

Loved getting lasik! The gift of sight is one of the best things I ever got!

Oh yay! My hubs got Lasik for Christmas too! I can't believe it's been 2 years now. It really seems like a total and utter miracle. Kids can't believe he ever wore glasses.

I cannot believe you posted this today! I was seriously just thinking to myself a few hours ago about how I really need to get lasik surgery. That got me wondering if anyone I know had ever had it..

Yikes! My eyes are as bad as yours and I've always wanted to have the surgery, but I'm a super-chicken about it. You think it's worth it?

I can't imagine how amazing you must feel! Congrats on your PERFECT vision! :)

I got lasik a little over 2 years ago and it was the best $3300 I've ever spent! I was tethered to glasses because of allergies and was always worried about breaking or losing them. I went form -6.5 to 20/20. And I took the Valium. lol. One word of warning, though. My eyes are still pretty sensitive to sunlight. I wear sunglasses anytime I'm outside at all, even when it's rainy. That doesn't happen to everyone, so I guess I'm just lucky. :)

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