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Wasn’t the Guest Posting Extravaganza amazing??  I’m kind of sad to see it end – I’m sure we’ll do it again sometime.

The plan was to catch up on my blog and get ahead on posts while everyone filled in for me.  Of course that didn’t happen – oh well!  I’ve been swamped with family photo sessions – (did you know I do photography on the side?  Here’s my photography FB page….and some sample photos) – not only is it the time to take the photos, but more tedious are the hours and hours I spend in front of the computer editing albums.  Takes all my blogging time away – – but family photo season is wrapping up, so don’t worry.

Speaking of Family Pictures, want to see mine?  For the ones I’m in, I set it all up (camera settings, etc) then hand off the camera to someone else to push the button.  This year we did our immediate family and a larger group with my parents.  Colors we went with were Red and Gray, and we took them in front of a random barn out by my parents’ house.  Here ya go:
The one used for a big print on the wall – -

Just kiddos – -

 Just boys, Just girls – -

 Standing – -

 And couple shot (more on this on down….)

Then, if you’re interested, the whole large group:

And standing – -

My brother and his wife Amber (who does graphic design – check out her new Etsy Shop!)

 Grandkids pictures (yep, my kids are spoiled being the only grandkids on this side, so far….)

 And individuals and my parents – -

 Come back later today to see outtakes and craziness in trying to get a couple picture….

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