Warmmies – – gotta have ‘em!

Warmmies are a staple at our house, but I’m beginning to realize not everyone’s house is filled with them – so I have to share the love!

That picture is of only a few – we have lots more!

“Warmmies” are just a bag of rice, but you microwave it for warmth.  They’re a dream come true.  I think the kids named them “warmmies” , so I’m sure most people would call them something else…

I don’t have tutorial pictures because I made these several years ago, but I’ll talk you through it:

–cut up an old towel (or a new one if you buy a towel just for this!) into 2 pieces the size of warmmie you want – ours are probably 12 inches by 8 inches or so. (if you want to embroider names on them, do that too)

–sew the pieces together on 3 sides.  Turn it right-side out.

–Fill with cheap-o rice.  Not too the brim – maybe 3/4 full.

–Turn that edge in and sew it shut.

That’s it!!

To use, microwave for about 2-4 minutes, depending how big it is and how hot you want it.

Great uses for Warmmies:

  • put near your toes inside cold sheets at night – the bed covers insulate the heat and it’ll stay warm way longer than you think, sometimes all night.  No one likes getting into cold sheets – here’s the answer!
  • cuddle up with it while watching a movie
  • sit on it while blogging (don’t knock it til you try it!)
  • do you park outside??  let everyone hold one in the car until it warms up
  • use it on sore muscles, like a heating pad
Heating up warmmies is part of our night-time routine – the kids ask for theirs each night.  So go grab an old towel and some rice and whip yourself up a few – – we LOVE ours!!
While you’re at it, make some for gifts – – I’ve done that several times – – share the love of warmth!

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  1. says

    These are what we made for Christmas for everyone last year. We used corn feed (the kind of corn you give to animals to eat, the other kinds will pop in the microwave) and they last a little longer then the rice, plus, they are usually much cheaper then rice, of course you have to buy them in a 50 lb bag, but it was only 5 or 6 dollars and I made over 20 large “warmies” my family has LOVED them and now, I’m sure this year’s gift will pale in comparison.

  2. says

    We have had some of these, but we have also had some of these break open! I was thinking maybe it would work to make an inner, thin cotton bag to put inside the outer one, just for safety.

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