December 21, 2011

WIWW - belts

So you may have noticed that I've been wearing my belt a ton lately.  It's like when I know something is semi-fashionable, I just go with it over and over.  But maybe I need to back off the belt thing??  Too much of a good thing??

First up, THE belt that I think I'm wearing to death.  I wore it over a sweater - is that taking it too far??  I took a picture without the belt as well so you could get a good visual.  So what do you think - 

Secondly, I thought I was overusing that belt and wished I had another - - well, I dug around in my closet and found this one which I must have picked up at a garage sale or something.  I modified my look by wearing it under the cardigan instead of over.  I think I like this look.  I even stepped into the fashion light by wearing my socks poking out of my boots.  Trevor asked me "is that how you're supposed to wear socks?"

Thirdly, I expanded my belt collection - found this one at Forever 21 for a little over $3 - it has a goldish sheen, which is completely out of my comfort zone - I usually avoid gold at all costs.  So I spent a couple extra dollars and bought big gold earrings.  First up I wore it with this cami thing that has gold in it, but something about the whole outfit wasn't working - thoughts??
 But that Sunday I wore it with this brown dress to church with some gold boots my mom didn't want anymore - I think this was rocking the gold belt.  I thought it was a pretty good look.  And I know everyone says leggings are the new hose, but really, what leggings would you wear with this?  It's winter - I don't think it can be bear legs.  So yep, I wore hose.  Me and grandmas, oh well.
 As always, I love your feedback.  Keep those comments coming!!


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I love all of it! The only one I wasn't totally in to was the skinny belt over the cardigan. I adore those socks btw!

You look adorable in all of them! I don't wear belts, in fact I don't believe I even own a belt, I wish I could be so fashion forward! If you want to wear the belts just go ahead! Merry Christmas!

I think you look super cute with the belt. You definitely have the waist for it. I dont. I think it makes me look wider but you look adorable. I think I'm doing the same thing with my boots. Pretty much any excuse to wear them, I do.

You know I love giving my opinion on WIWW. :-) I LOVE the wide belt on you. So few of us can wear that. And although I like the sweater without the belt too, I especially like it when you put that red sweater on top. Then it's definitely a must. CUTE!!! If I weren't built like a cigar, I might try that too. :-))

I love the brown dress! where did you get it??

That brown dress and gold belt combo is cute!

I think the belt really defines your waist in every situation.

When I was pregnant with one of my children I tried to find hose that I could wear, but they were all uncomfortable. I realized that I've never liked them, and they have never been comfortable to me, so I swore them off. I go to church every Sunday, but I don't wear hose. Some people think that it's inappropriate to not wear hose, but I live in California where it's not so cold, so I go without. I don't even know if I still own a pair! :)

I like all of your outfits! You look super cute. I live in south Alabama so it's a little warmer here but...... I'm not crazy about the cowgirl boots with dresses and no hose, just looks tacky. Wear the grannie hose, I think you look great. You could probably get away with some textured (small texture) print tights...

Yeah, I'm not really digging the first outfit with the gold belt, but I love love freakin LOVE the second outfit with the gold boots!!! Can you send that whole outfit over here please! Super cute!!!


The sweater with the belt on TOP looks much more put together! You go lady!

I love the belts! I'm just starting to wear them. I'm pretty short and petite, but not very curvy, so was never sure how a belt would look. But I've put a belt on over a couple of shirts lately and it looks good!

Definitely WITH the belt on the first one. In fact it made me think that my outfits that look just like that would be much cuter with a belt too! I love the one with the cardigan on top, and I think the second one is a little off because the shirt and the cardigan stop at the same length. I LOVE your brown dress. Where'd you get it? I personally HATE hose, and would have just worn socks that didn't show, and bare legs. But you rocked the outfit either way. I need to go look for some belts!

Love all of them! I love seeing your outfits, even if it is a different season here (Summer in Australia).
And I'm so glad to hear someone else having those funny questions from their husband!

Love your looks! I think I like the one with the red sweater best!

You're darling in all of the outfits! I'm coveting that dress! Do tell - where'd you find it? Soooo cute!

You're darling in all of the outfits! I'm coveting that dress! Do tell - where'd you find it? Soooo cute!

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