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Alright, the great leggings debate continues…..are leggings appropriate for adults??  I wore this outfit (I did expect the shirt to be longer, but when I put it on I still thought it was an okay length) where my shirt just covers the booty, with leggings.  Trevor wondered if I had left the house like that, wowza :)  (which I had, but with a long coat on the whole time)

I showed a couple of weeks ago when I wore leggings with this outfit:

But I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s really a look I should be sporting…..

In other news, little girls look cute in leggings and my girls are into wearing their boots lately:

Do you think leggings go in the same category as skinny jeans??  Here’s where I wore skinny jeans, with a for-sure shorter type of shirt:

So anyways, the great leggings debate – – thoughts??

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    you are always cute – I love my leggings but tend to wear a short dress/long tunic over them – but I am so afraid of something showing! I LOVE those boots you are sporting…

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    I’m warming up to leggings. I think they look good…but it’s the feeling of being a bit…urm…open I am trying to get used to. Maybe open is the wrong word. I can’t get around the feeling that I’m walking around with a very THIN layer of fabric between my skin and unsuspecting passers by :)

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    I LOVE my leggings. I am actually wearing them right now :). I am wearing black leggings, a gray Old Navy pocket dress, and tall black boots. I wear them at least once a week. I think they’re acceptable, as long as your butt is covered.

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    Yep, if the booty is covered you are good to go. You look fantastic by the way! I love leggings and skinny jeans for that matter. As long as you aren’t trying to wear something obviously teenage like, oh never mind, it seem that all they wear are pajamas any more! What’s up with that?

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    i think of them as thick tights – I only wear them with longer shirts and dresses. they’re so much more comfortable than jeans! I’d wear them more often if I had more pairs! Only down side, no pockets!

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    I just havn’t felt comfortable wearing leggings yet either. Baby steps I guess… I am in the Jeggings stage. lol

    I can’t even wear those without my booty covered though.

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    I’m in agreement with most of these ladies. Leggings are not pants…they tend to get a tad bit sheer if you bend or lean the wrong (or right, according to our husbands) way. :) I wear leggings as a warmer alternative to tights to pantyhose. Like the other girls said, with a short dress or tunic.

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    I think leggings are so commonplace that people hardly take a second glance when we wear them. Just look at all the leggings in the WIWW link up this week.
    I especially like that outfit with the white striped shirt, boots, etc.

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice :)

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    I definitely like the skinny jean look at the end of the post better than the leggins. I think you need a longer tunic-type length top to wear with leggings. They aren’t pants. They do look great paired with boots and something a tad longer.

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    Leggings are just thick hose. If you wouldn’t wear the shirt/tunic/short dress with hose or tights, because it would be too revealing, its too revealing with leggings.

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    I love leggings and skinny jeans equally! In my opinion, the only difference is that you NEED to put a shirt/tunic/whatever that will cover you booty with leggings..

    But honestly, leggings are so comfy and can be dressed up much more than skinny jeans so why not indulge!

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    Hi there!
    Very cute blog.
    Your outfits are great.
    Love your debate.
    I remember seeing Carson Cressly on Oprah one time and he said, “Remember ladies, leggings are NOT pants. They are to be used like an accessory so be sure your shirt or dress covers the booty.”
    Haha. I did appreciate him saying that, because it cleared a lot of things up for me. :)

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    I actually don’t like leggings unless the shirt is a tad longer than the one you wore. I saw this lady at Costco wearing leggings with a shirt that went to the waist of her leggings. It was just too form fitting on her booty, and just looked gross. I think leggings are like “tights”. I do like them with a short dress, or long shirt, but I think that lady’s leggings ruined me on any other use of them. lol

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    Mandy- You look adorable in all those outfits! I like the skinny jeans the best. I like leggings, but I don’t consider them pants and the I like to see most of the body above the knees covered. That’s just my opinion! You look great! Hope your having a great holiday season:)

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    You can probably get away with it because you’re cute and slender. But really, there is just something different between skinny jeans and leggings. On an adult, I think leggings looks like they forgot to put on an item of clothing. On little girls leggings seem more appropriate, but I still like their butts covered with a long shirt. IMHO, of course. ;-)

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    I think your outfits are way cute! I’m still on the fence about leggings too. I try to only wear mine with long shirts, but sometimes I’m still not sure. Your outfits look great with leggings. I would say it’s a go!

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    I freaking LOVEEEE leggings…just got a few knit-type ones recently that I adore as well. As long as they’re not SEE-THRU and you’re covering up your butt with a decent length top/tunic/long sweater – I’m 110% for it!! Skinnys & boots allow for shorter tops for sure…I think you look great in your legging outfits!!!

    Mejia Mamma

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    You’re adorable with the right figure for them, AND you’re wearing them with class. They’re really “in” right now, so add those things together and you’ve got yourself outfits with leggings!

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    I think someone with your body type/ok I’ll say size, lol
    they look awesome, totally cute, and the shirts aren’t too short either.

    wear em’ and rock em’

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    Leggings are awesome. But, they are not pants. Leggings on an adult are only appropriate with a dress/skirt or LONG top. Booty should never, ever, ever show…not even maybe kinda sorta. Never. I am sorry. I don’t care what your size or shape. Leggings just are not pants for an adult.

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    With legs like yours, you can totally get away with wearing leggings. And your burgundy sweater looks great with them!

    Its when I see the XXL girl in line at Walmart squeezed into way too tight ones that I cringe.

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    Leggings are awesome. ( I own like 10)
    They can be worn as pants as long as they’re not the fleece leggings with the weird seams.

    (in the winter I wear a vest if the shirt is too short)

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    You look great in all the outfits!
    Leggings are a practical, comfortable & often warmer alternative to pants. Great when you don’t want pants, dresses or skirts flapping around getting in the way.
    As has been said, so long as your booty is covered – good to go!
    London, UK

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    I frequently have this debate too!!! I bought some black skinny jeans and for days when I just feel like it is too short I pop those on and the outfit still completely works but I am not tugging at my top every 2 seconds.

    Usually my golden rule is it must cover my front and backside by at least 2″ and then I am good to go (according to the hubs!).

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    I wear leggings only with longish tops that cover my butt. Skinny jeans? I’ll wear shorter tops. Those are my rules. But for girls 8 and under anything goes. Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle and have a fashionable and fab holiday! xoxox Nicole

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