December 7, 2011

WIWW - milestones

Random things I've worn to milestone events.....

like Black Friday Shopping - yep, they are that bright in person.  Possibly brighter.  But hey, we can spot each other, no problem.  2 more joined the group after this picture, only one with a matching shirt.  And my mom gave my brother a matching shirt for Christmas last year but he refuses to wear it - the nerve :)

 like Breaking Dawn -- yep, I was there, were you??  My shirt is kind of a wild print, but I think the cardigan tones it down.
 like when my son received his Wolf Badge in cub scouts.  I got the comment from my aunt "well that's a look.  I'm not saying good or bad.  I'm just saying, it's a look".  And she's probably right -- do you want to weigh in on this "look"??  I'm wearing skinny jeans - maybe it'd be better with leggings?  I thought the brown necklace and hairclip with the boots kind of tied it all together.  The top is sleeveless and I was wearing a shirt under it - which looked ridiculous until I put the jean jacket on.  Anyways, thoughts??


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I think it is generational - everyone is doing long over jeans, layers, etc. I think it would be cute with tights or leggings as well, but I think you are cute that way too...

I really like the last outfit! And I love it with jeans. I'm not a huge leggings fan, but with skinnnies it looks great!

:/ I kind of agree with your Aunt... At first sight I thought oh. I had mixed feelings. I think it feels to heavy, but you're definitely on the right track. I say either go with legggings, or a lighter/smaller cardigan on top. I just think that jeans in both places is a little too much. lol The yellow shirts are a great idea!

Loving the second outfit!!! And the bright sweaters are too funny! That is one way to make sure you can find each other. :)
The third one isn't bad. Maybe a little busy. Lose the hair clip maybe. The necklace ties to the brown boots fine.

The brightly-colored shirts are BRILLIANT!!!!!

I love outfit #2.

My personal opinion is that the green top is too much. But I'm boring. I think a solid color t-shirt untucked would look great with the jacket and jeans.

I love the last outfit. I think it's great with the jeans and would work with leggings too. I would love you to link this up to my what I wore and made party over at

I personally only wear one denim item per outfit but I'm weird like that! I think you look cute even in the neon yellow!

Hope you'll link up to What I Wore Wednesday!

I quite like the green top with the jacket! Such a happy color and you certainly have the body for skinny jeans! The sweatshirts crack me up!

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