December 28, 2011

WIWW - recap

Since I couldn't wear eye makeup for a week, I don't have any What I Wore Wednesday photos - - because who would get dressed if you can't wear mascara!  So let's review some of the fun from 2011.  Warning, some of these looks are bad, and some are even worse.  Kudos to you who have told it to me straight in the comments.  And then again, some of these outfits I think are dead on.  And who knew my hair changed so much!!

Phew, that was long - -and it was only a sampling of the whole year!  I feel like I should have numbered the pictures so you can refer to them in your comments, but that seems like a lot of work....


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i love this post. i def like most of the outfits a few looks like you are trying to dress like a teenager but you still look super cute! way to rock all that color. i am proud of you for being brave when you are not sure about an outfit. looking forward to WIW in 2012~

So I really love the 2nd to last outfit...super cute! I love how you take so many risks with your is inspiring!

My favorite is still the pink shirt and orange jewelry. So unexpectedly adorable:)

Oh my goodness. That blue bag that pops up in a couple of the pictures...where ever did that come from!? I want one :)

So many outfits! You did a really great job this year of trying out new things! Several of these outfits I would LOVE to copy!!

You're just a cutey and that's all there is to it! Lookin' GOOD!!

That's so funny that you mentioned numbering them, because I was thinking half way through "I wish she had numbered these so I could tell her which ones I love so much!" Most all of them are great. It is cool to see them all side by side - it makes my favorites stand out for sure. Green jacket pink shirt - awesome. White cardigan white shirt - awesome. White shirt with the jeans (the pic in the yellow frame) is probably my favorite! Thanks for doing all these! It takes guts to let people critique you!! Have a great new year:)

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