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February 28, 2011

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Time to Take-A-Look at what you've been up to -  Can't wait to see what comes this week - and who will be the most viewed link - maybe you?

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If you're new to link-ups and have questions let me know and I'll do my best to help

Photo Wall Art - Portrait Display

As you know, our formal pictures are in our formal living room.  For the Family Room, I wanted something more casual.  I've seen several ideas about cutting boards and Mod Podging on photos so they look like they're on gallery boards or canvas, etc.  I was going to do that, but then it evolved to all the pictures being on one board - I LOVE it!
First, I took down my curtains from my family room (seen at the bottom of this Post About Curtains) and rigged them up outside so I could take pictures with them as the background - I knew the pictures would match the room that way!  For the casual feel I went with some crazy faces and some not - just take A LOT of pictures so you have options.  The hardest was to get my just-turned-2-year-old to make crazy faces on demand - I ended up making faces at him and he would mimic them back.  I made 8x10 prints (through MPix - so impressed with them).

To start, I painted a thin board (it can't be too heavy because it'd be trickier to hang on the wall) black - obviously, color choice is up to you.  I had the board cut to 36 inches by 40 inches - I have 12 pictures with 1.5 inch gaps between everything.

Then I put mod podge on the back of the pictures and stuck them down where I wanted them.   
Then I put a generous coat of Mod Podge over the top of everything - this helped seal down the edges of the pictures and give some texture (like canvas) to the finish.
We went with exposed hardware and put a screw and washer in each corner.  Trevor found some rubber spacer things and used those behind the board  (kind of hard to see - it's black) to make the board sit out from the wall - I love that.
It fills up the wall behind the couch.  This view is standing in the family room looking back into the kitchen:
The kids love having their "crazy faces" hanging on the wall.  I love the impact and personality it adds to our family room.  You can do this - it's just spreading glue on a board - go try it!

entering this month - fingers crossed!
DIY Club

February 26, 2011

Random Info - - and win a blog button swap!!

How did the end of the month sneak up so fast?!?  It's only a few days away - so I've got lots of end-of-the-month blogkeeping to do  - - plus I need to giveaway for a FREE spot on my sponsor sidebar (button swap style - me on your blog, you on mine) -  that info will be at the bottom of this post.

But first - sorry about the late notice, but if you want to spend your tax refund on a Silhouette, now's the time - through March 1st, so hurry, there's a great deal:
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Some projects using Premium Vinyl:
--Car Decals (no cutter machine needed for this one!)

In other exciting news, I put some stuff in my Etsy Shop - finally!  Well, really only a couple of things, but maybe I'll get around to adding more items in the next few days.....

And speaking of Etsy, I keep meaning to point out that in various photos of me you might have noticed by bias tape earrings, from Along for the Ride's Etsy Shop - so cute!  And while you're there, check out the mum hairclips - those are calling to me - along with lots of other fun stuff...
Bias Tape Rosette Earrings- Sunshine

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Speaking of awesome readers, did you guys see on my sidebar the list of top commentors??

Top Commmentors

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How about a special prize for Kassi - - for all that blog love, you get a Blog Button Swap for February - congrats!!

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And, more random info for the month of February - 

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Style Stitches Bag #2

 I saw the Sew Alongs for the Amy Butler bags and knew I wanted to join in - I tried to get the book from the library but I was WAY down on the wait list - after seeing the fabulous bags everyone was making, I couldn't take waiting anymore and ordered it via Amazon.  But it wasn't going to ship til April - what?!?  That's what I get with free shipping - so I canceled.  Meanwhile, my aunt ordered her copy and somehow ended up with two - it was meant to be.
StyleStitches button

So I just got the book this week and figured I wouldn't participate in February, but then I really wanted to make that bag, so I just did! I liked the idea of using it for a craft tote (that picture in the book where it's filled with yarn) - the "shopper" bag didn't really appeal to me because (and don't hate me) I like getting plastic bags - we use them to wrap up stinky diapers, so the kids can empty trashcans into manageable sacks, etc.

Sorry for ANOTHER sewing post this week - it seems like I go in crafting spurts - all sewing, all repurposing, all paper, etc - anyways, I've been on a sewing kick.  For you non-sewer, stay tuned because Monday I have an awesome photo board craft for you.

I made a few changes to the pattern - 
--first, SOOO glad I looked through the flicker groups before I started - I saw that a lot of people divided the pocket and I thought that would be most functional for me.  I also saw that someone added a ruffle to the front pocket, which I loved and copied:

--actually, maybe I should mention this first - I cut down the size of the whole bag.  The pattern calls for a lot of fabric - I made this last-minute and used what I had on hand, so I had 2 pieces of Amy Butler Fabric that were 1/2 yard each.  I made it work.  The bag is still plenty big - especially since I don't want it to be a "shopper".  The secret is that for the lining where you need more fabric than the outside (for the handles and outside pocket) I didn't have enough so half-way down I used plain fabric (fabric - sheet - - it's all the same - you know I love using sheets!)
--I didn't put any pockets on the inside - since it's half plain I knew I wouldn't be reversing the bag.  So I added a pocket to the outside - the one on the back doesn't have a ruffle because I didn't have enough fabric.
Anyways, I LOVE my bag - you should make one!!
I made a smaller version for a little book bag - the girls picked their fabric and helped sew it - here's the neighbor, who LOVES hers.  And a picture of my daughter, who sewed her own (I did the bottom - that part's a little tricky - the rest is just straight seams).

February 25, 2011

SYTYC Blog Swap

Every Friday I'm going to feature a fellow SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty contestant from Season 5 - check out their blogs!

Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby

i am
the mother of the two cutest kids in the world… sorry… its true :)
in love with James Bond… (seriously… im married to James Bond)
a lover of music… Its as necessary as breathing.
a singer
a lazy blogger at Creatively Crafty Baby
from the ghetto of southern california, living in a town with more cows than people… and I LOVE it…
a flip flop wearing, beach loving girl living where it is winter more than half the year… But I wear my flip flops anyway… (havent gotten frostbite yet)
addicted to creating… If I go for stretches without having a creative outlet I get a little cranky.

Lauren’s Crafts: