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July 30, 2011

Photo Glimpses - Sprayer Parks, with CUPS!

Remember, each week I'm trying to show you a little of the non-crafty side of life....
I think lots of towns, like ours, have these Sprayer Parks.  I love going in the morning - there's a lot greater chance that we'll be the only ones there, and I love that.  Another reason to love sprayer parks - unlike the pool, I can just sit and watch, browsing blogs on my Tab thing, etc.  I don't have to get in and be vigilant.

Know what makes sprayer parks extra fun??  Plastic Cups!  You can scoop water, dump it on others, catch water, etc.  What my kids love to do most is put the cup in the fountain of water and let it shoot off like a rocket - fun times!!  You can look for the cups in these pictures......

Hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we are!

Homemade Ice Cream

Did you see my post over on A Little Tipsy - if not, here ya go - -

Don't you just LOVE the Make a Memory Series - - such a great idea!!
Today I'm going to talk about a great tradition that I married into - - my husband's family is always making homemade ice cream - yum!!  So this year when we visited his family on our vacation, I was sure to pay attention - - 

First off, their ice cream is always so smooth and creamy - - some homemade ice cream is kind of crunchy, but not this.  Turns out you need a good thickening agent, and there are 3 choices (I hadn't heard of using any of these - where have I been?!?!)

--Eggs - you know, frozen custard has eggs in it.  So can homemade ice cream.  It's best to use eggs when making something like chocolate ice cream, since you have to melt the chocolate on the stove, that way the eggs get heated.

--Jello - - you know, jello thickens up itself, so it will thicken up ice cream.  This is best for fruit-flavored ice cream.  For example, they made raspberry icecream with real raspberries and raspberry jello as the thickener.

--Junket - I had never even heard of this stuff, but it's made specifically for making ice cream:

There are tons of homemade ice cream recipes out there, and they love trying lots of different varieties.  Once it's made, you pour it into the machine's cylinder thing:
Put the top on, surround the cylinder in ice, and let it go!  Then voila, ice cream - takes about 40 minutes - -  
 The kids all LOVE making ice cream at home - - and all the adults remember growing up eating homemade ice cream, so it's for sure memories in the making....
What is is about food that makes for such great memories?!? 

 I should have taken lots of pictures of everyone enjoying the ice cream - but let's face it, I was busy eating my own delicious portion - -but here's a few I happened to capture:
Enjoy making your own summer memories!! - Hope to see you over at

July 29, 2011

Catching Up - and rootbeer tip

Side Note - - happy birthday to my hunky hubby today!  The big 3-2 - - and yes, if you remember, I already turned 32 earlier this summer - I married the younger man - I always enjoy when he catches up to me in age.

Here, I dug out a picture of his younger years for you - - this is him in the MTC, a missionary center, holding a picture of me  :)  (yep, I'm too lazy to scan it in, so I just took a picture of a picture)

Last year I gave him a Rootbeer Sampler - it was a hit and he said something to the effect of, "you could give me that every year" - um, check.  That's what he's getting again.  That and an Xbox exercise game to work off the Rootbeer Belly.  But instead of driving all over, I just hit the organic section at the big new grocery store and scored several varieties - so that's your rootbeer tip of the day - check the organic pop section.... last year's sampler:

Uprinting GIVEAWAY

What was that - an end-of-the-week giveaway- awesome!!  It's just a way you can celebrate Trevor's birthday (more on that coming...) - with a chance at free stuff - wahoo!

So, I'm sure you've heard of  - when I hear their name, I automatically think of business cards. But they have so much more!

Like, did you know they have Canvas Printing??  Rolled canvases, ready in a day - right up my alley - cheaper than a framed canvas and I can DIY it onto a board, maybe involve some mod podge.
Rolled CanvasRolled CanvasPrices from $14Ready in 1 Day!
But if you're wanting the normal framed canvas, they have lots of Canvas Sizes, so be sure to check that out.

So, want to win a Rolled Canvas Print??  Here's the details on the prize:

Prize details:
one (1 ) piece 16” x 20” rolled canvas print, for one winner
with 2-inch border or No border,
1 Business Day Turnaround *Free shipping
Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only
The winners that prize claims will be sent August 31st as the latest.  Winner must not have won a prize from in the last 6 months.

Super easy to enter - - just visit and hunt around.  Come back here and tell me one product that you like - - that's it!

This canvas printing giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given  for hosting. Check out for more details about canvas sizes.

Giveaway will end Monday, August 1st,  around noonish - -

Shirred Pocket Skirt (and Serger hints)

 Finally - - the tutorial on a Shirred Pocket Skirt.  Sorry this has taken me so long to put together - - but worth the wait!  This skirt is super easy to make and always gets lots of compliments.  Here we go on how to make it...

I used this great yellow fabric I found at Hancock's Fabric.  It's sersuckerish, so it's nice and breezy for summer.  It was also 60in wide instead of the normal 44in, so I had lots to play with.

I cut a piece and held it up to myself (very specific measuring method - not!) - I made it as long as I wanted it from my waist to my knee, then around the waist I left a generous amount of room to get in and out of it.  Here's looking down as I held it out from my waist (don't worry, I'm trying it on over my clothes - I know you were concerned...)
So with it wrapped around me, that place where I'm holding would be my one seam.  If your fabric isn't wide enough, you could always have 2 seams.  So sew the seam - now you have a big tube.

Sidetrack - - I just want to show you a couple of different ways to use a serger - I used the regular serged edge for that seam.  It's picture is on the left.  The picture on the right is of the hem.  I didn't want to do a real hem (you could if you want, I'm just lazy) so the picture on the right is my serger on the "p" - I think it's picolt - it's kind of like a rolled hem, just quicker.  See the difference??

Alright, moving on - so you have your tube, and it's hemmed however you want.  Next, the waist - the shirring - don't be afraid of it!!  Shirring is just sewing with elastic thread.

Some pointers:
--get the thread in the elastic department - it's way cheaper than the stuff in the thread department and has a ton more on it.
--hand-wind your bobbin - that's exactly what it says use your hands, and wrap the elastic thread around and around your bobbin
--sew like normal!  That's it.  You can read more on sewing with shirring on this dress post.

So I didn't have to start and stop alot, I sewed the first line up by the edge, and when it came around to meet itself I just dropped down a little ways and kept on sewing - so it's a giant spiral  - - hopefully you can tell what I'm talking about in this picture:
Now, for the fun part of shirring -- grab your iron and shoot steam on it - seriously!  It will make the elastic thread shrink up and really gather up your fabric - it's like magic!!
I think it's so cool I even made a video for you - - you can humor me and watch it - it's only 30 seconds (that's 30 seconds of pure shirring steam delight!!)

After that I tried it on so I could see where to put pockets.  I put some edging around my pockets to make them stand out, and turned the fabric on them so the stripes go the opposite way of the skirt.  Then just sewed them right down.
That's it!!  This is really quick and easy  - great project for a beginner sewer.  Funny how one skirt can have lots of different looks:

Photo shoot via my 4 year old - I think she did pretty good:

So, go try this!!  Have fun with it!

July 28, 2011

Canning Green Beans

Tis the season - gardening!  I didn't actually grow green beans, but my mom did.  In order to get some jars of garden green beans from her, we had to put in our time.  So we spent a day at her house (it was teh day we didn't have A/C, so anywhere but home was great, even if we were put to work!)

First we picked and picked - several sacks worth:
Then cut off all the ends and snap the beans into manageable sizes - one bean into 2 or 3 chunks.
The kids can get really good at snapping.  My preschooler was the best helper (the rest of the lazy bums were off watching a movie...)
Wash them off after snapping - here's a sink full:
Then boil some for a while - not too long, just 5 or 6 minutes or so:
Then spoon the green beans into jars.  Pack them as best you can.  Then pour in boiled water to fill the rest of the jar.  Screw the lids on tight.
Stick the jars into a pressure cooker.  Let them go at some certain pressure for about 35 minutes (the canning cookbook told us how long, etc - I just can't remember the pressure level).
That's it - - pull them out and let them sit.  As they cool, the cans should "pop" as the seal sucks the lid down on tight.  We had a couple jars that didn't seal - but that just means those cans go into the fridge for eatting sooner rather than later down in storage.

We had green beans with bacon and onions and butter mixed in - they were delicious!!  Shoulda taken a picture of that, but I must have been too busy eating - - oh well, here's a picture of the jars again instead....
We'll have to go back sometime soon and pick another round of this many, if not more, and go through it all again.   So, any of you out there attempting green beans in your garden??

Star Struck

I'm over at A Girl and A Glue Gun today - - I'm all about calling Kimbo my crafting twin - - she's funny, I like to think I'm sort of funny - - she has quick awesome crafts, some of my crafts are quick and awesome - - she mentioned once that she's outgoing on her blog but in person not so much, and that's so me! - - she lives in Idaho, I visited Idaho this summer - - she has 3200 follower, I almost have that many - - we were both on SYTYC - - you know, crafting twin sort of stuff.  Plus, true to my mantra, I love people that like me  - - and she gave me this:

And I'm all over the place today - - you know, that famous blog, Be Different Act Normal - oh yeah, I'm there.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Logo

I hadn't ventured into a Hobby Lobby in a while, until several weeks ago when I was doing an I Spy swap and was looking for unique fabric... (so these pictures aren't actually the fabric I found, but they are of an I Spy quilt swap I was doing....)

(pics from here on out found on google)

Let me tell you, I was in AWE of that store!  first the fabric - so fresh and in style - -

The knob section - holy cow!!  I could spend millions on their knobs alone - -

Tshirts for all your crafting needs:

And the home decor is unbelieveable - I could browse it forever. 

I have put Hobby Lobby on my "stores to stop by frequently" list.  Even though there's not one in my town, it's worth the drive!  I'm excited to see their ad on my blog - so I can grab a coupon when I go.  Speaking of, here's Hobby Lobby Weekly Specials, so check that out.

How bout you all - do you love Hobby Lobby??