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October 31, 2011

Take-A-Look Tuesday

How was your Halloween?? I hope you're eating candy as you read this :) Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to -  - and who will be the most viewed link - maybe you?
- - just a run down- -
  • Link to a Specific Post, not your whole blog - no more than a couple of posts please
  • Try to visit a few other people on the list - it's fun to support and encourage fellow craftiness - and everyone LOVES comments
If you're new to link-ups and have questions let me know and I'll do my best to help

Spiderweb Headband

When I saw this Spiderweb Headband over on At Second Street, I knew I needed to whip it up to go with my spider shirt from last year.  Now I'm all decked out for the Fall Parties at the kids' school this afternoon - - my pictures are courtesy of my 4 year old.

Here's the inspiration picture from Kalleen - - hers isn't blurry - - so cute, right?!?!
Head to her blog for the quick tutorial.

Seriously, this took like 10 minutes to make - - you still have time to whip one up for yourself!!

You Are Awesome - several opportunities for you!

Umm, happy halloween.  Sorry this post isn't spooky.  Or is it?!?!?!


So, you know you're awesome, right?!?!  I need some awesome up in here - yep, I need you :)  More on that on down....

But first, FYI, I have about 3 spots left in Sugar Bee Shops if you're interested....

Second, these people are super awesome, so check them out -- they like to comment, and I like to read comments, so it's a win-win:


Third, who wants a free ad spot on my sidebar for November? - - I'm giving one away this week - wahoo!  To enter, just visit any one of my sponsors, they're all awesome, then come back here and leave a comment saying who you checked out, what you loved, whatever.  One way to enter, winner drawn at the end of the week.

Fourth - where you come in - yep,  calling all guest posters! Several of you have inquired about guest posting, and I normally don't have guest posters, except for a couple of times a year.  And it's been awhile, so let's do it!
Info about guest posting:
--I want everyone to have the chance - - if you've never guest posted before, go for it!  I can walk you through it, so no excuses.  If you've guest posted before, you know how fun it is to pop on someone else's blog - and possibly get their readers to pop on over to your blog.
--I am awful about doing holiday-related posts, so that's what I'm looking for - either winter, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc - I know you have great ideas!!
--It needs to be a tutorial - that means, showing how to make/do/sew/cook something.  The full tutorial will be posted here (not just part).  It'd be great if it's a new tutorial that you haven't posted yet.  But if you have something fabulous you've already posted and you'd like to share the whole tutorial, that would be alright.
--I would need your post by Nov 9th (or earlier).  The Guest Post Extravaganza will run Nov 10-Nov 19, excluding Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, and the 17th.  If 100 people are interested (highly unlikely), then I'll just run 10 posts on the 10 days - that way everyone gets the opportunity (if only 10 people are interested, then it'll only be  post a day).  I will assign your date to you after I have everyone signed up.
--I will need you signed up to participate by this Thursday, Nov 3rd.  Just go to THIS DOCUMENT and leave me your name and email address so I know you're interested.
--I will send out more info on Nov 4th as to how I want the post formatted, etc.

October 29, 2011

Photo Glimpse - St. Louis

Each week I'm sharing pictures from the non-crafty side of life....

Living near Kansas City, St. Louis is the perfect destination for a mini-vacation.  The kids had a day off school last week so we headed out for a couple days of fun.

First up, we met my mom their and she watched the kids while Trevor and I were able to attend the temple (yep, I'm LDS - but you knew that, right?).
 Then Kate and her family drove up that evening to join us for the fun - - we watched their kids that night while they went to the temple.  Nothing quite like a hotel pool - makes is a real vacation!
 The next morning we toured the Gateway Arch, including the museum and riding to the top to look out over the city.
 We spent the afternoon at the zoo - - funny, the zoo picture has no animals in it - oh well.  My favorite at the zoo was the new baby elephant - so cute!
 Side note, on the way home we happened to stop at Midway.  Ring a bell - - well, it didn't with me either, but Kate was in the know - it's the stop that's in the reality show Truck Stop Missouri.  And no kidding - they were filming while we were there -- Kate had me take her picture with the film crew in the background.
We weren't the only ones inside the gas station with a camera.....

Pumpkin Truffles

Our church had a Halloween Party this past weekend - - chili, trunk-or-treat, etc.  The desserts were fun - it was a contest, "Best Pumpkin Dessert".  I was way late and all desserts were gone by the time I got there, but I bet there was some yummy stuff.

I wanted something a little different, so when I saw these on Pinterest, I knew that's what I wanted to make:
 They're from Erin's Food Files.   But of course that's the day that pinterest was glitchy and I couldn't get oto the link - ah!!  I needed it!  I googled and found the recipe on Whole Foods, but I really wish I could have accessed the post by Erin because in hindsight, she gave some great tips, like freezing the balls before dipping...the pic from whole foods:

Now, you might notice that mine are horribly ugly compared to those last couple of pictures.  Because they are - the centers are gooey so it makes it hard to dip, etc.  But let  me tell you - don't judge a truffle by it's looks, because mine tasted amazing (I'm sure the pretty ones did too).  Oh so yummy!!

October 28, 2011


Random, but I just wanted to share - - with my Paparazzi stuff, and photography shoots, I can take Credit Cards - so easy.  I thought some of you might have various reasons to accept credit cards, so I thought I'd give a quick heads up.
I went with SquareUp and it's just this little thing that pulls into the headphone jack of your smart phone/ipod/tab things.  Then you type the amount in and swipe the card - so easy! The device is free, no monthly user fees or anything, you just pay a percentage by the swipe.  Works for me!

I Spy Quilt!!

Yes, you read that right, this post is about the I Spy Quilt - wahoo!
I signed up for a couple of swaps.  I probably wouldn't have done anything with the squares - you know, waited a few years while they sat starring at me, but when Kimbo sent the squares back she sent a letter saying everyone could showcase their quilts by Nov 1st.  The nerve of her, expecting me to actually follow through to the end with a craft project.....

But look - I actually finished it!  I thought it would be perfect for taking to all those outdoor things - mainly, my son's flag football games, so the other kids could have a place to sit and be entertained all at once.  We're well into the season, so I almost didn't make it, but I can still tote it along to the final 2 games.

So a quick rundown - - if you are a real quilter, you might want to avert your eyes......

First off, I participated in 2 different swaps.  I cut a bunch of the same fabric into squares, then mailed them off and the swap host puts everyones fabric into a big pile then divys it out, so I got back a bunch of different fabric squares.  Perfect - except for that the 2 swaps I signed up for were different sized squares - whoops.

So what I did was laid out the squares into larger square pods.  Each larger square had 2 big squares and 6 small squares inside of it.  I sewed those 8 squares together into their pod.  Some I Spy quilts have plain fabric between each square, but I liked the look of them all touching, jumbled together (make it tougher on those kiddos!) I placed everything out, but of course lost track while I was moving piles from one place to another, so the quilt looks nothing like this pre-layout:

Since I wanted an outdoor blanket, I knew I was backing it with denium.  For durability, and because I have a huge pile of discarded overalls from my uncle (he knew I couldn't say no to trash clothing).  Since I wanted to back it with denium, I didn't think I could quilt it very well - sounded too thick to swirl around, etc.  So I just took my pod things, put a piece of batting under them, and quilted them individually.  There's a name for this type of quilting, without the back on - I don't know what it is.
My pile of progress:
Then I took those quilted squares (well, they're kind of rectangle-ish) and sewed them together - - see the back, you can tell what I'm talking about:
Then I sewed a bunch of jeans together haphazardly for the back.  To hold the front to the back, I sewed down a few rows, just straight.  Here's sewing the rows:
Did you notice that I tacked up Kimbo's letter right by my sewing machine - it's been there a couple of months - it's like she's heckling  me every time I sew something other than my I Spy quilt :)

A view of the wonky back - I just claim that "wonky" was the look I was going for:

The original plan was to embroider a whole list of all the things to find on the quilt - sounded very long and involved and I just wasn't looking forward to it.  Then Kim said she was going to make cards for hers - I thought that was genius and quickly stole the idea.  I cut off the front pocket from the overalls and just zig zagged it right on the back of the quilt - it has snaps and everything, so it's perfect to hold the cards in.
I borrowed  a laminator from a friend to make the cards durable - and it was awesome.  I think I need that machine!

A view of most of the front (quilts are so hard to take pictures of!):

In this picture you can see I sewed in a couple of ties when I put the binding on:

That way when I'm traipsing onto the football field with 3 kids in tow and dragging various chairs, jackets, etc, it'll be easily transportable - I can hand it to a kid to carry and if they drop it, it won't come unfolded or anything.  All tied up:

And of course, the fun of playing with it - - it's been a huge hit so far.  The younger kids can point out things and name what they see, etc.  The older kids can read the cards and hunt around.

I love my I Spy Quilt - - you should make one!  Underneath it all, it's just sewing straight lines - you can do it!

Along those lines, I have extra squares  I'll sell for $20, including shipping, if anyone wants them - just email me, mandybeez at gmail.  They are the ones I didn't use because they weren't my taste, they were duplicates (whether exactly or in theme, like there were several owl fabrics), or I just ran out of room - I didn't want a huge quilt.
My quilt: 40 large squares (6 inches) and 120 small squares (4 inches)
The leftovers for sale: 59 large squares and 82 small squares (if I counted right!)

October 27, 2011

Angry Birds

I said I needed a better picture of us in our Angry Bird Costumes --- then at my first grader's parent teacher conference she handed me this, so here you go:
Oops, don't know why it's sideways - it showed as horizontal - - oh well

Angry Birds

Our family costume debut - - I'm hoping to get a better picture soon, but it hasn't happened yet, so here ya go:

UPDATE - - finally got a better picture!
Angry Birds Family Costumes
I started with the tutorial over at Dragonfly Designs, but added straps instead of making the kids come through the costumes - I had that going on at first, but they were super tight - here's the two I did without straps before I changed it up:
They were actually pretty easy - - the face pieces are just hot glued on - I had Trevor help me with all the face pieces because I knew I couldn't get it right.
Then I backed them with an old sheet and filled them with random filling.  I think they're a hit!

Pin It

Cardigan vest from a T-shirt

wahoo to actually accomplishing things I pinned.....

I bought a new belt so I needed something to wear with it - I ended up with this:
It was so easy, I didn't even take pictures for you.  But don't worry, I was following the tutorial over at Somewhat Simple (by Simple Simon and Co) - you know, I've featured it before -- this one:

Basically you just hack the arms off a big tshirt, then cut it straight up the front - - writing this blog post probably took 10 times longer than the actual project - it was super quick!

I used some of the scraps from the arms to make a rolled fabric flower broach thing.

So I'm not sold on the bright burnt yellow, but I already had a navy cardigan thing (although long-sleeved) and I didn't know if you could wear black or gray with a brown belt, so I went bold with the yellow.

October 26, 2011

Showing Off - Reader Feature

(each week a reader is making their picks from take-a-look tuesday - - if you want to take a week, let me know, mandybeez at gmail)

Well hello there lovelies!!! 

My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely!

That's me at my wedding in July 2011!!
You know how you have those blogs in your reader that you just skim over, maybe stop and check it out if it catches your eye? 
OR you have those blogs that without missing a single one, you are there everyday, reading through and commenting??
Well Sugar Bee is of the latter variety in my case. 
LOVE Mandy and her fun blog, don't you?

OK!! My picks from the Take a Look Tuesdays linky party for this week are.... 

Halloween is only a few days away!! 
How about some yummy pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on the morning of!?! 
These from One Charming Party look and sound so yummy!

While the kiddos are eating those pancakes, you can enjoy your morning coffee with some homemade coffee creamer! Like this from Saving 4 Six
I'm always running out, so I love the idea of making your own!

How ADORABLE are these Mater invitations from Lisa's Handmade Cards!?!?
My nephew would LOVE those!

Speaking of adorable, I LOVE this Hankie Dress made by Originate and Renovate!
It looks easy enough to make, and so cute!

I am seriously in craft blogger awe of this GORGEOUS craft studio from The Ivy Cottage Blog!
You HAVE to go check out the rest of her photos. It's AMAZING. Really. 

It is the season for Pumpkin Pie!! And what better time to eat it than for breakfast!!
In Between Laundry shares her recipe for a crust less pumpkin pie and this fun free printable!

I've been on the lookout for something to hang over the bed in our master bedroom... 
Really loving this idea from Minimoz!!!

So I did mention Halloween is only a few days away... 
Haven't had time to carve that pumpkin?? 
Do like Ginger Snap Crafts and slap some pretty vinyl on it and call it good! :)

And one last Halloween feature... you could whip up this easy snack from The Letter 4 for the kiddos when they get home from school on Monday (Halloween). 
Bet they'd love you extra lots for it. ;)

Thanks so much Mandy for allowing me to pick my faves from this week's link up!
It's been a pleasure!!! :) Hope to see you dolls over at Truly Lovely sometime!!!
But before I go... Need a Christmas gift idea? It is coming up.... 
Check out my link this week, Painted Pyrex dishes! #414. :)