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This is wrapping up the “All About” series – it’s been fun!  But I didn’t want to stop without addressing the question everyone asks – “how do you do it all?!?”

The short answer – I don’t.

But let’s delve into the long answer:

–this is a craft blog, so I show you crafty things.  I don’t show you when I’m sitting around starring at the computer, or my giant pile of laundry, or my bathrooms in need of cleaning, etc.  I don’t hide my real life purposely, but since this is a craft blog, a lot of real life doesn’t show through.  Does that make sense??  That’s why when reading blogs I always try to tell myself that everyone looks good in the blog world – it’s only a part of life, and it’s the part you want to share with the world, so of course it’s the good part.  I try to keep it real, but even so, I’m sure it comes off as fabulous because I think my crafts are rockin’

–my kiddos are growing older – life gets easier as they do.  I remember when they were younger, it was just about surviving each day – I didn’t craft or cook big meals or make treats or anything until they were in bed.  Personally I think the age of 9 to 18 months is the hardest – but keep in mind I haven’t had teenagers yet. But for you with young kids – it gets easier!!  My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 3 – having older siblings to entertain him is huge!  When I only had young kids, I was the entertainment, but now with older kids, even the younger ones will go off and play.  It’s great.  I find time to involve them in crafts or do things while they keep busy.  I now put icing on cookies while they are awake – I would have never even dreamed of doing that a few years ago.   And my kids probably watch too much TV (they don’t nap so they get to watch shows every afternoon), and I’m alright with that.

–I don’t really watch TV.  We’re frugal so we don’t have cable, so there’s not a lot on anyways, but I would rather be blogging or crafting anyways.  So it’s all about picking what you want to do and choosing to make time for it.  I used to be all about TV every evening – – it was just always on.  I remember dating Trevor and sitting in his living room with the TV off and thinking how weird that was – – and now I’m a hardly-ever TV watcher – who knew!  Although I love love love The Office and we’re big into watching movies. (pic source)

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–a lot of my craft projects are simple – just finding 30 minutes and a whole project can be done.  I think I gravitate to those projects.  So it looks like I’m doing a lot of projects, but they’re easy ones :)

–blog planning is big.  Most my posts aren’t in “real time”.  I spend an afternoon writing several posts, then preschedule them out.  I can’t imagine trying to keep up and write a post each night for the next day!  The goal is always to be a week ahead – 2 weeks would be awesome.  I’m normally around a few days ahead.  When I type out repetitive posts, like Take-A-Look Tuesday, I will do several months at a time and then not worry about it.  I have a calendar where I fill in the squares as to what will post on that day – that way I don’t get confused!

–at any point in time, my house is probably messy.  I figure you pick priorities, and if I have to choose between picking up my basement or sewing, I’d pick the project anytime!

Any other thoughts??  Questions??

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    I am fairly new to blogging and still building up my following (right now it’s primarily family). I appreciate seeing how you plan everything out. I think I will try a couple of link-ups (haven’t tried that yet) and pre-plan it out.

    How do you come up with your projects? I am new to the crafty world but absolutely fascinated!

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    These are such great points. It is so easy to forget as a reader that we are only seeing one part of someone’s life. When the pretty pictures are on the screen, we forget that those were staged and {most likely} a person’s house doesn’t always look like that…I know mine doesn’t.
    Loved the All About series btw!

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    You are awesome Mandy, I really enjoy reading your blog. I can’t believe you don’t have cable though! We don’t have a landline phone but having no cable, no wonder you have free time to blog and work on really awesome crafts.

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    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who prints out calenders so that I can make a schedule. Especially during the 2nd half of this pregnancy, if I don’t have it written down, it’s not getting done!

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    So refreshing to know that I’m not the only one who has a huge pile of laundry! I have a pile right that that I have poured out on my bed, and the last 2 nights it goes right back in the basket, then in the dryer to get rid of wrinkles, and well, it never seems to make it in the closets and dressers… BUT I did start organizing my craft room! It truly is about a certain level of balance and still maintaining your sanity as a mom. A lot of women work out… I blog and I love it!

    We don’t have cable either… but we do have netflix because well… we love the office too and just watched pretty much the entire series, I really only watch TV while I crochet.

    My kids are 19 mo and 4… they play too much wii and watch too much shows, but like you said, I’m ok with that because I know we do other things too!

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    Those are some great ideas- especially about blog planning. I’m just barely getting back into blogging after a major slump, so right now I am just flying by the seat of my pants. Although, I do have a few projects on a couple days weeks ahead planned. So that’s nice. And I love that you don’t have cable either! I actually don’t even have a tv antenna at the moment, so netflix and movies, and stuff from the library is all I really get. Thanks for sharing your tricks!

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    I think you made such a great point about how you are only showing the best parts of your life on your blog. I saw a great quote on my step-sister’s facebook wall a while ago. It said, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” That is so true! It is hard not to compare yourself and sometimes even get a little jealous or envious of other bloggers/people. But usually we are just seeing a snippet of what another person’s life is really all about. Great post, Mandy! :)

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    Great post! I know most bloggers only show their “pretty” life…and not the real behind it. I try to do a little of both at times. My kids watch too much tv, too. I am wondering, how in the world you come up with so many crafts to share? I am drawing a blank with crafts at the moment and don’t have a clue what I want to make at the moment.

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    I totally agree with all of it. With three kids 6 and under with another on the way, our house is often messy…and I often clean up to take pictures. I’m not trying to be fake…it’s just not inspiring for others to see the house a mess.

    We don’t have cable either, so we don’t really watch TV, although the kids watch videos. I don’t know where I’d find the time to do any crafting if we had a TV that had any kind of reception, and I just refuse to subsidize so much of the garbage on cable TV.

    And my blog is rarely in real time either…I nearly always schedule ahead.

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    What a great post! It’s important to keep things in perspective and realize that most of us post things that we think people will find inspiring or entertaining. I don’t think anyone would think it’s inspiring to know that my pile of unread mail is bigger than the crafting mess I left in the family room! Thanks for the reminder that we’re all human.

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    My kids are 4, 3 and 1… so I’m glad to be reminded that it will get easier when they get older. haha. As for the piles of laundry, I think I have a mountain at my house. It never seems to end. Thanks for the perspective. I always enjoy reading your blog!

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    I plan out my blog posts too… I’m never that far ahead, but hoping to get better about that in the new year. I don’t even have kids yet!!! I see all these posts about people strapped for time WITH kids! Someday… sheesh. :)

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Today was terrible for me and nothing got done. My 7 1/2 month old will only nap if I hold him. Guess how much gets done while I hold a sleeping baby? I just started a blog and have projects planned so I could blog about them and a house to clean. It was so nice to read I’m not the only one. love your blog!

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