Bleach Number Shirt

Quick and simple tutorial on a Bleach Number Shirt today.  I actually did this project back in November when my toddler turned 3, but am just now getting around to blogging about it – oops!  Anyways, this is something anyone can do!
Cut a number out of contact paper or vinyl.  I used my Silhouette/Cameo (can’t remember which I was using at that time) to cut it, but a simple number is easily something you can trace and cut by hand.  Then diluted a little bleach in water – maybe half and half? Then stick the stencil you made onto the shirt and use a foam brush to paint the bleach on.  At first I didn’t see an immediate change (maybe I used to much water??) so I set the shirt in the sun for awhile – maybe 30 minutes?? (this is why I should write tutorials right when I do things – so I can remember the steps better!)

 Then I peeled of the number and ran the shirt through the washing machine.  So side note, when I started this project, I assumed that the dark colored shirt would beach to orange.  I thought that’d be awesome.  But apparently brown bleaches to purple – some of you FB fans knew that, so kudos to you.  And one of you said purple is the “in” boy color right now, so I’m just going with it….

You can see the defined number outline, the light purple, and you can also see the part where the bleach seeped under the contact paper – I kind of like that seep affect – it’s the darker purple.

I whipped this up with things I had on hand the day before his birthday, because any little boy this cute needs    a birthday shirt!!

You can do this!!  Go give it a try!!

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