January 13, 2012

Cameo Control Panel

I know this won't apply to everyone, but I just have to share - - Silhouette knows that crafty people are the ones who will own their machines, and of course crafty people would want to craft even the machine.  Look at my Cameo:

 Did you see - look closer, this is my control panel:
It's all dressed up!  It comes plain, but with your software installation CD, there come over 50 free images, one of them being "control panel" - and it's the shape that will cut out a piece of paper to slide right into your control panel and personalize your Cameo - genius!!  See - pops right in under the protective clear thingy.  All the more reason to love the Cameo :)

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:O I wondered what that funny shape would ever be used for!!!

No way! Yea going to dress mine up now!

love it! i just did mine last week too.. here is mine: http://campl.us/hmPa

i love your stripes!i wanted to make a ton and switch them out all the time :)

I am totally going to go home and do this!!!

Oh I'm so checking this out tonight! I named and dressed up my Silhouette and totally missed this! http://answerischocolate.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-yes-i-did-name-my-cameo.html

That is TOO cool!!! Just another reason to love Silhouette. ;)

That's awesome! I'm hoping I can get a Cameo with my tax refund. It's between that and a tablet. At the moment, the Cameo is winning!

I don't have it... :( Does it have some other name?

really?! That is soo cool! I just need to win me one of those. I soooo want one!
I used to have a 4' wide plotter to cut vinyl but during our move last year it fell over in the moving truck and hasn't worked since. :( I have soo soo much vinyl (rolls and rolls) left and no way to use it. I need to figure out what type of machine to get and I think the cameo is the one.

Oh Geez! LOL! I just wanta figure out how to use mine!

That looks so fun. I so NEED a cameo!

I deleted the shape because I didn't know what it was for. UGH!!!

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