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I’ve got a great project for you today – – a tutorial for how to make Heart Felt Flower Hairclips.  They are perfect for Valentine’s Hairclips (you can see other non-felt types I made a couple of years ago) but really could be used for everyday wear because they’re not too holiday-ish, especially if you did them in other colors.  Anyways, check out their cuteness above….
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You’ll need:
felt – you can grab the cheapo sheets of craft felt at Walmart or Michaels (try this Michaels coupons for current savings!), or buy the felt by the yard at a fabric store – both will work.
hot glue – yep, these are no-sew!
Hairclips for the back (I buy them in a bulk box at Sally Beauty Supply)

First up, cut out a bunch of hearts.  Lifestyle Crafts sent me some heart die cuts for use with my Epic 6 machine and I knew it’d be perfect for this project.  When I cut the same shape over and over and over, I like when I have a diecut to roll it through my cutter.  When I cut one thing, I like using my Silhouette Cameo because you don’t need a specific cartridge or die cut for just one shape.  So anyways, I loved using my Epic from Lifestyle Crafts and cranking out a pile of hearts.

It was the first time I had used it to cut felt (normally I cut paper with it) but it worked great!

For one flower clip you’ll need 5 larger hearts, 5 medium hearts, and one small heart.

I first saw this type of flower on this Etsy Shop, Dogwood Corner via pinterest, but obviously there was no tutorial so I had to figure it out on my own.  Here’s their picture (hmm, can’t get it bigger or to center).  These ones are smaller (2 inch-ish) and mine are bigger (4 inch-ish) but you could make them however you want.  Or just buy them from them (although remember they aren’t hairclips yet) – seems like a great price.

So moving on, if you’re wanting to make your own….
Place the five medium hearts on top of the 5 large hearts with their points matching up, and using a light layer of hot glue, glue it down, like so:
(I thought about sewing these, but hot glue is the best way to hold felt to felt if you ask me.  And Kimbo – she made a video to prove it ….hmm, can’t find the link to it, you’ll just have to believe me)
Then put a little hot glue on top of the tip and pinch it into a fold, like shown:
Do that for all five.  Then snip the tip off of each one – I found they fit together better that way.  Then place them in a circle, plop some hot glue in the middle, and shove them all together tightly.  
Then glue a heart on top of the center so you don’t see the hot glue mess…
On the back, hot glue a hairclip on, then open it and hot glue on another heart (oops, I guess that means you need 12 total – I think I said 11 earlier) to cover the bottom of the clip and reinforce the attachment.
That’s it!  You can make a pair and wear them with pigtails, or go with a single clip to hold back bangs or top of a ponytail.  Any way, they’re super cute!!
I love how the fold gives them tons of dimension – kinda hard to show you, but I tried – see how they kind of pop up and fill out – love that!
So if you want to cut millions of hearts, check out Lifestyle Crafts (they sent me dies at no cost, but opinions are all mine!) – the dies can work with many hand-crank type machines.  They have tons of new dies for Valentine’s – here’s the one used in this project (nesting hearts – hearts are such a hard shape to cut by hand, I think this die is a MUST), and look for other projects with other dies coming soon….
for 20% off use the code “SUGARBEE”
die cuts

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    These are so cute! I tried cutting felt with my Epic yesterday and couldn’t get it to work. What platform/cutting mat setup did you use? Thanks!

  2. says

    Tressa here from Dogwood Corner. Yes, the one who made these flowers on etsy. I think that it is just lovely that you included a link to my shop in your blog. I have had quite a few visits that link back to here. I am so grateful for the free advertising. And if there is anyone out there that is feeling crafty but who doesn’t want to go through all of this, you can order these in my shop for $1.00 a piece. Order the amount you want and the color you want.

    Tres. at Dogwood Corner

  3. says

    These are lovely Mandy. May I put a link to your blog on our fundraising blog for The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles please? We have a tombola every year at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK and this year the theme is “hearts”. The money raised from the items people make for us goes to help keep The Guild Museum open and for us to educate and help quilters and young quilters with their craft all through the British Isles.
    Jan – tombola organiser for 2014


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