I can see clearly now….Fish Foam Review

Ever heard of Fish Foam??  Let me tell you, it’s super awesome!

Straight from the source:  Fish Foam is an all-weather, ammonia-free glass cleaner and when sprayed, the professional grade cleaner immediately goes to work to make your glass sparkling clean.  It does not leave streaks or a haze. Thousands of home and business owners across the country have tried and seen the improvement Fish Foam makes…even on the sunroofs of their cars.  Your windows, mirrors, windshields, and glass surfaces will shine and cleaning them has never been easier.  

So of course the first thing I wanted to test out was our fish tank – you know, cause it’s “fish” foam and all :)

Before – – 

During – – note, my favorite part about this stuff is the “No Drip” – regular glass cleaner is always running down – this foam stayed put!

 After – – it’s hard to take pictures of glass!!  But trust me, no streaks and looks SO much better than the smudged, touched by a million kids with dirty hands, before picture.

 So then I had to do my even dirtier sliding glass door – – here’s the after – super duper awesomeness:

And you know Trevor buys and sells cars on the side – I think I’ve mentioned that before.  Anyways, he always cleans them up really well when it’s time to sell them.  And he has been putting the Fish Foam to good use on all the car glass.  Want to see his latest car – it’s pretty sweet (see more info on it here):

So, want great, streak-free windows??  Get yourself some Fish Foam!

Now, back to the never-ending project of painting kitchen cabinets……

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