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Lifestyle Crafts is super busy – they’re headed to CHA and have a bunch of new die cuts to show off.  I got to try a few out – – want to see some of the fun things we’ve been whipping out over here?? (you’ll just have to ignore the super bad lighting in all the pics)

First up this pinwheel flower –  -

This was unbelievably easy with the die cut – – you run it through and it cuts 2 that look like this:

 Then you just pull all the flap parts to the middle, stack one pinwheel on top of another, and stick a brad through it.  My helper loved it!

 Next up, this tiny little envelope.  What is it about tiny things that everyone loves??  It’s just so itty bitty and cute.  It cuts out with perforated lines that you fold in – – -

 And then just add a little glue and voila, done!  Once again, love from my helper:

 These mini milk cartons might be my favorite – – I can think of about a million things to do with them – party favors, neighbor gifts, etc.  These ones I’m using for teacher valentine gifts (I plan to fill them with the easy homemade microwave truffles).  The die comes with the decal tags also, for sprucing up the front:

 And again, the helper shows up – – is there anything she doesn’t love??  But it’s fine, because I just crank through an extra sheet of paper, and she has one of her very own – love how the dies make it that easy.

 Oh, and I haven’t played around with this one too much, but I see a shamrock garland in my future….

Remember, Lifestyle Crafts Dies can work in a variety of hand-crank die cut machines.  I have the Epic 6.  And also remember, you can get 20% off with the code “SUGARBEE” - – enjoy the discount!

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