January 21, 2012

Mmmm....Crepes (and a pan review)

I have mentioned this before, but I love breakfast food.  But I hate mornings.  So every morning we eat cereal - easy peasy.  To solve the love of breakfast food, we have Breakfast Tuesday - - breakfast for dinner, every Tuesday.  The kids love it, and I love it even more.

Last week I made crepes - I had never made them before, but it was so Easy!!  They are going into the breakfast food rotation for sure!!  They are kind of like pancakes, but with a lot more egg - so I thought they were healthy because they're low carb :)

You pour a little batter in a pan, then tilt the pan to spread the batter really thin.  Let the batter sitting on top of the poured spot spill over and cover the pan, if that makes sense:

Now let me take a quick minute to tell you about the pans I got to review.  Remember CSN?  Well they've changed to Wayfair.com, and I picked these Kitchen Aid pans to review:

I used to have Caphalon pans, but the protective stuff was gnarled and scratched and I wasn't that impressed.  These Kitchen Aid pans were amazing - but so were my old pans when I first got them, so be sure to ask me about these pans in 5 years.  Anyways, NOTHING sticks - see the crepe just slides right out!
 I even sizzled up a goey mess of apples and cinnamon and sugar, and it wiped right out:
 Great pans.  I've in love with them.

But back to the crepes - - mmmm.  The kids loved being able to add various toppings.  And they kept going back for more.  They were a huge hit all around!

 Mmmmmm.... I got the recipe by looking up one on AllRecipes, but I don't even remember which one.  I'm sure they're all about the same - it was pretty basic.

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~The Treasurista

I'm excited to see how Wayfair works out not that they're re-branding! Really good non-stick pans are priceless! Hope yours last!! :)

Oh my goodness, Mandy!! You have never made crepes before? Welcome to the world of deliciousness! I ADORE crepes. I don't make them often enough.

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