Neck and Neck…

(um, apparently I have a lot to post about today – – if you’re here for the regular Take-A-Look Tuesday, it’s still here, just down a couple of posts….)

WOWZA, this Follower Blog War is a nail-bitter!!  Today is the last day, and while I was off buying supplies for projects this afternoon, Kimbo posted another plea – – at that time I was within 1..

but with her rally of the troops, she’s now at 4340…and I’m at 4337…..

and so here I am, back to beg again for anyone left out there who hasn’t yet, to just click that “Join this site” button over on the right sidebar – you know you want to….

it’s a been One Week since the initial throw-down…..she begs with a music video, so can I….enjoy:

(um, false alarm, I can’t embed the official video, so this will have to do)

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