Paper Strip Hearts

Do you see this – HEART paper strip ornaments?!?!  When I thought of this, I considered myself a genius.  Now I’m thinking this idea was probably out there all along….but I’ll share with you anyway, with a quick and easy tutorial:
One of my favorite Christmas decorations this year was the paper strip ornaments, and recently I thought I could do the same thing for Valentine’s decorations…. see, Christmas on the left, Valentine’s on the right:

 Let me walk you through it, and once you made one you’ll see how you can make it fatter, taller, more strips, less strips, etc.  First, you’ll need strips of paper (mine are about 1 inch wide), scissors, and a stapler.

 Line them up on the floor like this – – cut 2 long ones and put them in the middle, cut 2 about an inch or two shorter than them and put one on each edge, then cut 2 short ones about an inch or two shorter than the middle ones and put them on the outside.  Sounds confusing, but just see the picture and it’ll make sense:

 Then, working from left to right, stack them one on top of another.  Then staple the stack at the bottom:

 Now, pull those short outside two strips back over the staple and hold:

 Then pull back the middle strips and hold in the same spot:

 Then pull back the long strips and staple all the strips together where you were holding them.  That’s it!

 You can see the 2 staple spots better in this picture:

Sidenote, these are tricky to get a picture of – especially with my helpers.  The preschooler was supposed to hold the hearts on strings while the toddler held the white background.  I got that one picture at the top and that was about it – but hey, they love to help….

 Enjoy!  You can make these – go try it!!  It’s a craft for even the non-crafter!  I think they’d also look super cute as a banner swagging across a window or doorway, but I just love mine hanging over the table.

 And once again, super hard to take a picture, with the mirror there and all – – but you get the idea of the fabulousness – -

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  1. says

    Who cares if they were out there before? I’m sure yours are slightly different…. and they are so sweet either way! I love how you hung them from the light fixture. great idea!

  2. says

    So cute! I actually come over to your blog to see your Paparazzi boards (I’m in southern California) and now I’m looking around at other things you’ve made. ha ha! Well, you have a new subscriber!

  3. says

    That’s funny—Elizabeth and I have this conversation all the time—how we think something was our idea and then find out it has been done before—-I’m getting convinced that there is no such thing as a new idea! Oh well at least we have fun.

    Cute hearts!

  4. Davina Alloway says

    OK…. so can anyone tell me why the top part of my heart flip out? I followed the directions to the tee and even tried doing a few more… but they still flip?! ANYONE else have this problem?

  5. Shannon says

    May I ask what kind of paper you used for these…is it cardstock or construction paper? Also, do you know how long your three different sized strips were? Thanks! We’re going to do this with my daughter’s 2nd grade class!

    • says

      I’ve used cardstock, construction paper, and regular paper in the past – they’ll all work! And I’m not sure the sizes, sorry! It’s a perfect class craft activity – great idea!


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