January 7, 2012

Photo Glimpse - Christmas

Remember, every week I try to give you a brief photo glimpse into the non-crafty side of life.  So today, a quick photo review of the holidays.

And even better than all photos, I threw in a video for you.  My mom's side of the family gets together every year on Christmas Eve with a big talent show.  My kids claim to talent was that they've played Just Dance so many times they've memorized a whole routine.  Don't worry, I didn't video the whole thing, just a blurb:

And don't worry, there's a Nativity Skit before the talent show, real reason for the season and all (bonus points if you can spot my kids - it's even hard for me to pick them out!)

oops, guess this should have been first, but the week leading up to Christmas Trevor and I took a quick trip to Portland for his niece's wedding.  We even made it out to the beach one of the days:

 Christmas Morning fun:
Christmas Day - the kids got a karaoke machine from my parents....and did anyone else get the giant remote control shark balloon?? my brother got it for my uncle  - I guess it was one of the top toys of the year - it was great!!

And the evening of Christmas, trying to figure out the tech toys....
 my toddler, showing Trevor's mom how to work things:
 And the girls playing with my 1st graders the new mini-camcorder - we switched batteries for it 3 times that day.....

And New Year's Day meal of Black-Eyed Peas and Cornbeef and Cabbage, at my parent's house:

I think you're all caught up on the fun of the holidays!  Hope yours went well!


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How sweet! Looks like you all had a great time! I remember being a kid and making up holiday rap songs with my cousins...haha..glad to know we are not the only family that does that.

awesome photos! look like you had a good time :)

awesome photos! look like you had a good time :)

Your husband takes photos as well as mine does. I love the crazy face!

Christmas is always fun isn't it?

Cornbeef? (That's St. Pat's Day). It was black-eye peas, collard greens and cornbread for New Year's Day.

Ha ha, I love the look on your son's face with the shark coming up behind him. :D

HA! Love your husbands face in the last photo!

You all are such a cute group! It's fun to see all the happy faces. :-)

Your kiddos doing their dance is too cute! The girls are rocking out! Little man is adorable in his Santa suit and your older little man seems somewhat interested... haha. :) Cracking up at Trevor's face in the last photo. And I'm assuming that your dad not looking as amused! LOVE family picture time!

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