January 13, 2012

Photo Tips - Perspective

Lizzie's back with us today - wahoo!
Hello Sugar Bee readers!
This month I want to issue a challenge.
I want to challenge you to switch up your photo style.
I want you to refrain from looking at your subject straight on and snapping your regular old photo.
Mix it up.
Change your perspective!
Capture things that other people may not have thought to capture.

To do this you may need to be extra perceptive.
You may have to get down on your knees and maybe even get a little dirty.
But, I promise you'll be glad you did it.
You will have fun pictures that you maybe even like better than the photos you normally take.
I know you can do it.
Here are some ideas and things to think about as you're doing it...

Say your brother, friend, or facebook "friend" (who you really don't know, you just had Jr. High Geometry together) asks you to take his engagement photos...
You're super nervous but you say yes anyway.
While you're walking around with them, snapping away,
Instead of (or maybe in addition to) taking a full body picture of them holding hands,
Zoom in. Capture what someone else might not have seen.
Sometimes you can see more emotion and more love in the close-up shots,
The ones that may not have even shown their faces.

 Of course this applies to all types of photo taking...

Sometimes creative shots or "zooming" can be done after the fact by cropping it creatively.
Maybe you have a cute image but your subjects are making awkward faces, try cropping it!

When the little ones that you love are playing, perhaps getting some pictures from a different angle might be fun.  Especially when you already have a million regular pictures of them playing with toys.

Getting down low, capturing a worm's-eye-view can be a fun way to switch things up.

Capturing shadows or shoes/feet are also a fun way to tell a different story with your images.

Document the important milestones in your subject's life by taking the normal pictures AND getting some funny angles that might be fun for them to look at later on.
(This is my son's first day wearing "big boy underwear" and he is in "time-out.")

Maybe take your subject somewhere fun and different than the normal stone/tree/mountain/house background and have fun with it! 
You may even have a little fun in the process...

Of course it is important to capture the "normal" pictures.
The ones where we're looking at the camera.
But it's also important to get creative and change things up.
Add some character to your photo albums.
Be a little crazy.

Try it this month and if you get some good ones, send some over, I'd love to share them next time!!

Good luck!


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Aghh this is so timley I'm working on my perspective. I know exactly the kind of photographer I want to be but I seem to stay boring this was perfect!


Fantastic ideas. I am so inspired by this! Thank you.

Great post! Wish I had a better camera to try these tips out!! All these images are lovely!

Oh that little girl is soooo cute!

What a fantastic post! I will need to try this!

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