January 11, 2012

Showing Off - my picks

Before we get to the showing off, I have to share something monumental - someone recognized me because of this blog!! (If you're reading right now, so sorry I didn't even ask your name - next time I'll be prepared and ask names and take pictures! I think I must have been stunned!)  She saw me at the library, killing time while my 1st grader was at piano lessons.  She said I probably get this all the time - but it was a first and I was so excited!  I even called Trevor to tell him I was a celebrity.

So anyways, moving on to YOU celebrities and YOUR craftiness.....

There were a couple of ereader cases, one from Young and Crafty and one from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night - both are really cute so check both sites out.  I have a Tab that I LOVE and it works as an ereader, but I haven't made it a case yet because that would cover up the camera part.  Anyone have a solution to that problem?

Crafting in the Rain covered her worn out boots in duct tape to give them new life.  I am making a mental note of this for my girls' boots - they're always dying off before they outgrow them....

Do you have a scarf needing a purpose?  NapTime Crafters made one into leggings - what a great idea!

I love this stenciled tabletop over at Ugly Duckling - - stencils are all the rage, and I love them!
There is a great bedroom redo over at Creatively Living - - remember when I was redoing my bedroom?  well, progress stalled, so it's nice to get motivation to finish!

AvSusanne used denium to cover a footstool - great idea:

Did you make magazine beads growing up?? I did!  Red Ted's Art Blog shows you how...
magazine beads

I love this tree block over at Mommy for Reals - great scrap choices!
All finished! Here's Sunni's block!

SugarTart Crafts made some pattern weights - that's on my to-do list!  Hers are so cute, and so simple!

The Shady Porch made a flower vase out of buttons - oh how I wish I had tons of buttons!!

I have wanted to try out Cathedral Windows, but they seem so intimidating - a pillow is a great way to do a small amount.  Love this over at About Blogging Time:

PACountry Crafts made a Pinkalicious Dress - super cute!

And you gals and your zig zag crochet - - every time I see one I want to make it more and more!  This is from Sweet Bee Buzzings...

And for a quilt shout-out, how about this amazing one from The Root Cellar - wow!

Most Viewed link - - the Kindle Case from Young and Crafty!

But the second most-viewed link (only one click behind number 1), again with my aunt, over at her new blog Studio 103 - it's how to patch jeans!

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:  (oh, and if you were featured on FB, or if you're featured later this afternoon, you're included - grab away!!)

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21 Fabulous Comments:

How exciting to get recognized?! I probably would have been so stunned myself that I wouldn't have thought to get pictures/names either.
Love the picks (as usual!)

Thanks for featuring my leggings!I LOVE that stenciled desk- jaw dropping!

Thanks for featuring my Kindle Case and congrats on being recognized!! So cool!! xoxo

You're totally a celeb! :)
Thanks for sharing my boots too--I'm in great company this week!

That was me!!! You are a celebrity to me and I was rather stunned to run in to you too. I love reading your blog and looking at all the wonderful things you create!

so nice to meet you Angie!! I got to thinking it would be fun to put together a crafty meetup of some sort to meet everyone in this area that loves craft blogs....

You're a celebrity. Fun!

Today when we clicked on your site, we saw Kara's school (K12) advertising on your top and sidebar. Fun!! :o)

Yay! Glad you're an official celebrity now!

And please, please, please finish your bedroom soon! I'm dying to know how it came out!

How exciting to be recognized!! You are awesome!!

Thank you for taking the time to feature my Cathedral Pillow!!

Have a lovely day!

YAY for being a celebrity! You go lady. Next thing you know, you will be doing TV!! ;)

Thanks for featuring me!! and I think I need to stencil my sewing table!

That is AWESOME!!!! Wasn't that on your wishlist?? Being recognized as Mrs. Sugar Bee??? SO EXCITING!!!!

YAY! It is so great to see the Pinkalicious dress featured! Thank you!!!

Congrats on being recognized! That's gotta be such a cool feeling.

Thanks too for featuring my pattern weights. Not only are they great for cutting out patterns, but I've found that they also keep toddlers entertained ; )

Yay! Thanks so much for featuring my block!

Thanks for the feature!!! I'm glad it motivated you!

Happy Wednesday!

That would be so much fun! I would love to get to know some others in our area that love crafting and sewing as much as I do! I'm going to go make some of those cute felt heart hair bows now, my daughter WILL be wearing them for maybe the whole month of February, love them!

Thanks so much for featuring my Kindle case! What a surprise to be most viewed as well :)


hey Angie -- if you see this you'll have to shoot me an email (mandybeez at gmail)...

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