January 25, 2012

The Underdog and a goal in sight...

So, are there football watchers in your house?  Maybe you're one of them?  I'm not much of one, but Trevor is, so games are on, especially lately with the playoffs.  Anytime I sit down to watch I always want to know "who's supposed to win" and then I pull for the other team.  I love backing the underdog....

Something about that come-from-behind mentality is so fun, right??

Well, guess who's the underdog - ME!  Did you see this post on A Girl and A Glue Gun?? I've been trying to catch Kimbo for years in followers, and then she throws this out there - oh yeah, it's on.

AGAAGG, 4187
SBC (you know, Sugar Bee Crafts), 4142
that's a gap of 45.....
AGAAGG, 4236
SBC, 4207
that's a gap of 29.....

AGAAGG, 4245
SBC, 4219
that's a gap of 26.....

Oh yeah, the underdog is gaining ground.....

So, want in on the fun??  Over on the right sidebar, kind of under my picture, it says "join this site"  - just click it and you'll be an official follower of mine.
You can follow A Girl and A Glue Gun too, cause she's awesome, but just wait til Feb 2nd :)

Great sob story underdog post, right??  Want another heart-jerker??  Remember when I ran a triathlon?
Let's use the term "ran" loosely, because I mostly walked.  (I wrote all about it here, in case you're bored and need something to read).  During the "run", there was always this gal about a block ahead of me.  Gal in an orange tshirt.  I thought, "she's my goal" - I didn't want to win, or come in say, the top 85%, but I thought it'd be great if I could overtake someone besides the 60yr old injured man.  Well every time I psyched myself up to run, so did she, of course.  I never caught her.
What's the point??  You know.  AGAAGG - she's the blog in the orange shirt.  The one I've had my eye on.....this time, I can do it!!

How's that for a pep talk?! game on.

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I've never done a triathalon---not a fan of the bike---they scare me! Marathons, sure, you just have to rely on yourself but with triathalons there are wet suits and bikes involved---it makes me too nervous!

Do you still run? I just ran my first half marathon since having Baby Ruth and it was a sad sad display and I had no girl in an orange shirt just two snotty girls in sports bras....

Hold the phone liZ...you've already run a freaking half marathon?! I'm still just trying to sleep through the night! I am so impressed.

And Mandy? Underdogs rule!!!

Oh Mandy, I wish I could help, but I'm already a follower! You're awesome! You can do this!!

That's so funny! I love that she's the "blog in the orange shirt." I follow you (I don't remember if I follow her or not), but I'm all about rooting for the underdog. Go you!

Good luck...I follow both of ya...I love watching blogs grow...wonder what happens when wordpress gets rid of the GFC in March..or did they change their mind

That's so funny. :) I've felt that way about another blogger but then she did a series and shot about 800 people past me! Maybe someday I'll catch her. :)


You girls are so funny.. I follow you both.. :) I wish I could help but I am already following you, Girl.
Waiting for Feb 1st. :D

haha, I'm your 4265th follower! ;)

You girls are so fun!!! I already follow you both! But may the best blog win! :) Um... and in that case I'm sure you'll both get more followers! ;)

Go Underdogs! :) I'm following just you now, but maybe I'll check out her blog... after Feb 2nd, though, of course! :)

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