January 18, 2012

WIWW - the beginning

So if you've been with me for awhile, you know I've been doing What I Wore Wednesday posts for a little over a whole year - and I started it out with this outfit, which was quite controversial:

I love that everyone jumped right in and shared their opinions right away.  You can see it all on THIS POST, but one of the most memorable was:  "as for the outfit I say burn it ASAP" --See, my readers are awesome, just telling it like it is...

Anyways, for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.  So I thought it was appropriate to bring it back, one year later - I think I did a better job this time around, which shows you I might have actually learned a little about fashion in the past year, maybe:
(um, ignore the Christmas wreath - I swear I took it down after seeing this picture! it's the kids as a photographer, they don't know to point these things out) - So this time around I wore a shirt OVER it instead of under it, and my boots are taller.  I tied the bow in the front a little more, and I went with big honkin' gold earrings. The denim is in the shirt instead of the pants.

Need a side-by-side??

So let's hear it - - thoughts this time around??

And random, but I wore this to one of my Lasik checkups, and the eye doctor commented on how she liked it.  When random people comment on an outfit, it must be making an impression.  Good or bad, who's to know.  The appointments are super short so I take my kids along - to keep them entertained while I read off the chart, they take turns playing for a couple of minutes on my Tab.  And they consider the camera feature a game, so I have this gem to share with you - enjoy:

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31 Fabulous Comments:

I came across your blog on Pinterest. Your outfit is so cute !!!!
Fun how you seitched it up a year later.

Can't the kids hold your purse for you? Or are you afraid they'll steal from it??

Oooh, wow, I love the outfit now!!! It's a total change and for the good. I hated the sleeves on the shirt/dress(?) so covering them made a world of difference. I also love the boots and tights! You look so great! :)

I like the boots better this time around. And I'm with Jenna, I think covering up the sleeves made it a lot better.

The first response should have been followed - burn it!

Well, Mandy, you obviously weren't listening to the 'burn it' suggestion, were you. LOL It is definitely more tolerable now, but probably at the bottom of my Favorite Mandy Outfits list. :-) You're a good sport. have a great day! ♥

I haven't seen that many bad ruffles since the 70's prom tuxes. Get a match.

love it this year!! much better!!

I think you got the outfit right this time! It looks cute!

Well it looks like there are mixed opinions, but I actually really like the dress. You just have to style it right and I think the 2nd time around is perfect. I love when people take risks with clothing and don't wear the normal, boring stuff that is so common these days. GREAT job with the 2nd outfit!!!


The outfit and accessories are adorable, that ruffled, shirt/dress thing is not. Kill it with fire!

Much improved and I love the idea of WIWW!

found you on pinterest too...

sleeves aside, the dress is cute and i didn't think the first outfit was that bad. BUT i do like the second much better :0) and the boots!! oh, i <3 <3 <3 the boots!

The second try is just adorable and I say keep the piece it is just to cute and fun to burn.

haha, love the side by side!i think you're adorable in both, but yes this years is even better!

brave to post the pictures but I'm all for BURN IT ASAP love the boots

I'll even send the matches

Love the new version of your outfit. Super cute with leggings and jacket.

Jeanna @ dramaqueenseam.com

Don't burn it! I can't wait until you do something new next year!

Yes! The second try it much better!!! I don't like the poofy sleeves on it for some reason... Covering those with another shirt seems to tame it a little bit.

I LOVE it now! Great Job! And, I would NEVER say burn clothing. Re-purpose, give away, never burn. Waste of money. ;)

OMGosh how much do I L-O-V-E that dress!!!!

New follower from The Pleated Poppy

I really like the second time around. The boots bring out some of the color in the skirt. Great job!

The answers are cracking me UP! Ok, I actually like it restyled. I wouldn't burn it. Not sure if I would keep it either. Guess I'm undecided. No burning. Donate it to Goodwill. Someone else (like thrifter me) will be restyling it and posting it on their blog. LOL

Okay, I'm just gonna throw in my 2¢ here ... the print is awesome! The ruffles have got to go. :-l

I do like this years take better than last years though. You're right, I think it's the boots. Last year's were just too busy to wear with that top.

BTW, found you on Pinterest! Thanks for the tutorials!!

This cracks me up! WIWW is by far my favorite thing to read on your blog:) Not diggin the outfit, but I'm quite boring when it comes to the clothing department!

I agree with the covering up the top portion. I just think maybe a simple cardi to do it though; with a belt right there at the middle of the dress where it already has the pulled in waist-I think that might make it more form flattering. I will agree, it is better than the first time around! ;)

And one more thing, whatever you put over it next time probably shouldn't have a collar since the dress already has a high-neck thing goin' on...just a thought-I am obviously no expert on these things either!

The outfit wasn't as bad to say you should burn it - but not something I would have ever worn... however, this time around you got it spot on :)

Definitely progress :) It just goes to show, styling and accessorizing is everything!

I think it's darling styled with the denim shirt and sleek boots! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

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