January 11, 2012

WIWW - Coats

Today for What I Wore Wednesday, let's talk coats...

Back in high school - actually I think it was my freshman year in college - my brother and I got coats for Christmas.  Nice warm coats.  We headed to the sports store to pick them out, wandered around separately, and eventually emerged - holding the same coat!  Yeah, I had gotten it in the mens section, but big and bulky was the thing back then.  He wanted me to put it back, but I loved it! I tried digging up an old picture from that Christmas, but no luck.  I wore that coat forever - still own it - - here ya go:

 So, it wasn't quite stylish - it's only now that I realize that :)  So a few year ago on black friday, walmart was selling coats for $8 - I figured I was worth $8 and bought a coat that was a little more hip n happenin:
 It's alright, and had I have definitely gotten my $8 worth out of it.  But I was thinking that it was time to step up my coat style - at first I just wanted a new $8 walmart coat in white, but they didn't do the $8 coat thing this year.  So I started googling "white puffer coat" and narrowed it down to my dream coat:

American Eagle AE Womens Fur LONG Hooded WHITE Jacket Puffer Parka XL Coat NWT
Awesome, right??  

Well, it was $130.  I wasn't ready for that for a coat that was unnecessary since I already had a couple that worked just fine.  And I knew there'd be a sale.  So I waited.  And waited.  And then the sale came - and I was giddy - it would be 40% off plus free shipping.  Until I saw the bad news - out of stock in my size.  Ugh.  I even called customer service to see if they could someone dig one up from a long-lost back room - no such luck.  

So I went ahead and ordered one similar to the dream coat - I loved the length and the waist tie on that one the most.  But oh well.  I got a shorter one.  I like it well enough.  And it's pretty hip and happenin' - maybe too much so, but better to err on the side of youth, right??
It's got this massive cozy hood with a fur lining around my head that looks like some arctic animal crawled up there to keep me warm - the fur zips off, but I kind of like it....
So, thoughts on coats?? Do you go big and comfy or snug and stylish??


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Love that white jacket! It looks so great on you! I guess I'm more the fitted type coat gal, not the comfy kind.

I love the white coat! I was able to get a white puffy down coat for a great dealthis year too and I love it. Also, I would probably save the first one for skiing or sledding or something like that. :). Looks like it'd be a good snow activity coat.

If I am going to be spending a long time outdoors, I usually go the big and puffy route. It is way warmer and, with super cold temperatures, I throw style out the window in favor of comfort.
It I am just running around town and won't be outside for any substantial amount of time, I go to stylish. I'm a big fan of the simple wool button down coats but in fun colors.

I have different coats for different occasions. I'm in VT where it is COLD and SNOWY for like 8 months of the year, so a coat is a must! LOL. I have my Rossignol Ski Coat for regular wear (and skiing of course), I have my black thigh length peacoat for work, I also have a leather coat for evenings out and a puffer coat... although they are all black! Maybe I need to try a different color out!

Cute white coat! For everyday in the Northwoods, I go for warmth. Black is the color of choice (I have dogs) and down is the choice of filling. I do like a longer coat to keep more of me warm. :-)

I try my hardest to go without a coat...I've only worn one once so far this year- we've had great weather so far. But I basically have a hard time wearing a coat, carrying a purse, a diaper bag, and a toddler, so I am just going cold until she reaches middle school.

VERY awesome jacket!!!


haha the first coat made me smile...those were soooooo popular! My husband had a Miami Dolphin one ;)

I love your new coat. It definitely is hip! I bought one of those on sale Walmart coats too. It's a red and black plaid. It may not be the most stylish, but it fits me so well, and it's so comfortable. I have gotten compliments on it, so it's a keeper in my book. And hey, it doesn't have to cost a lot to look good, does it? :)

I do frugal and I make sure the coat will keep me warm! The last one has been worth my money bought at a deep clearance after Christmas one year. It is water resistant (proven on a rainy day) and it does indeed keep me warm. I didn't even need to wear long johns! LOL. :-)

PS I get cold easily and can't stand the cold. So, fashion takes the back burner when it comes to coats. :-)

Mandy, I love the look of all of your coats, although I do like the white one the best. As for which type coat I prefer? I really dislike wearing a coat. I'd rather wear a sweat shirt, or something like that. I can wear a jacket OK, but coats are just too bulky for me. I wear layers of clothes to stay warm. I do have a coat that hasn't been out of the closet for several years now. It is just too heavy for me.

I have a black peacoat that I hardly wear now that we live in AZ... I mostly do sweaters. Either graphic zip up hoodie or a fleece sweater with a vest over it. Just enough warmth for AZ! ;) P.S. Your TOMS look great!!!

I always got men's coats too! Mainly so the sleeves would be long enough. I should consider a more feminine parka.

I'm fat, so the whole puffy coat thing just doesn't work for me. I have the thinnest coat possible that keeps me dry!

I love that white jacket! I'm visiting from What I Wore Wednesday and would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at http://fashionsgreatesthits.blogspot.com/

Your new coat is super cute!

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