I feel like I haven’t really found my fashion groove for 2012.  Not that I had one for 2011, but anyways…. I am trying to shape up so I’m doing that 30 Day Shred – so I try to do it when the kids are watching a show after lunch.  But then how in the world am I supposed to dress up (aka, anything but pj pants and sweats) if I have to do that in the middle of the day??  It puts a glitch in stepping up my style!  I probably need to just give up exercise for the sake of fashion.

A few days I’ve worn leggings so I can just exercise in them.  When I saw this picture I knew that my leggings were to thin – they look like tights – I think it’s the flash of the camera, but still!

I don’t exercise on Saturday, so I put this on (tutorial on the cardigan was posted earlier this week) to run to the fabric store.  I signed up for a quilt block club making the ugliest blocks I’ve ever seen – but it was only $10, so I was in.  Have you noticed yet that I got TOMS for Christmas – well I did :)

 Normally by now we’ve had a few snowfalls, but it was a very warm December for the midwest.  This was the first snow, and it’s barely one at all.  Either way, I busted out this big and cozy sweater I got for Christmas.  The collar is big so I didn’t think any jewelry would work with it, so I ventured out with a feather headband – I think it was a go…

 In other news, before I cropped that picture you could see the backside of the monstrous playhouse – it’s pretty much done – maybe in the spring I’ll go out and take a bunch of pictures to show it off to you.  But not right now- it’s cold out there!

How are you 2012 fashion goals going??

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    You are so cute when you pose for your WWW pictures :). I haven’t purchased Toms yet, but they are on my to purchase list. I want the gray, peep toe wedges. I’m so thrilled with the UGGS I got for Christmas :) Way to go Hubby! 30 Day Shred is great. I’m doing the Biggest Loser Workout on the Kinect about 4 days a week before I go to work. I love it!

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    I have a goal of not wearing the same thing three days in a row just because I’m so cold I hate to get out of one set of clothes to change for another. lol This is life in NW Wisconsin, where some mornings the temp in the house is 58 because the fire went out in the night.

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    Is that entire thing the playhouse?? I felt bad because we are planning on building my little one a huge one this spring, but yours looks monstrous!!! Did the hubby come up with his own plan or are you using a internet plan?? (sorry- I know the point of this post is the outfits, not the playhouse. lol I like the feather headband too)

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    I almost always try to do any exercise in the evening, then I can shower right after and get ready for bed. That tough if you do it during the day though… Leggings is a good idea! I like that sweater! It looks so cozy!

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