January 19, 2012

Wizard Wands

 Aren't those wands super amazing?!?!  Would you believe me if I told you they were just made from paper and hot glue? It's true - paper and hot glue - you should have that lying around, so go grab it and get to work turning your children into wizards!

I first saw these on Pinterest from this link - it's a great tutorial!  Follow the link for all the details on how to make a Harry Potter wizard wand.  Here's their wands:

Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue

I showed my 9 year old, who just completed the Harry Potter series, and he was all about making them.  And unlike crafts where you prep and get things ready and plan ahead before doing them, I just said yeah, let's make them and started right then - it was so fun being impromtu!
 Even Trevor had to get involved.  He was much better at drawing designs with hot glue than I was:
 After you roll the paper and hot glue your designs, you get to paint the wands - the fun never stops!  We spray painted some and painted some with a brush - even watered down paint and rubbed it on like stain.  It was fun to try lots of different techniques.
 It was easy and fun!  In fact, the next day my son brought a handful of neighborhood friends over so they could all make wands of their own.  Gotta love it when crafting is cool :)

So if you ever have a snow day come up and there a bunch of kids stuck wanting something to do, here ya go - they'll all love it!


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Those look awesome! What a wonderful family craft!!

This would be great for a kids wizard party. I wish mine were still small...sort of.

Cute craft! I wonder if one of those would make my gluten-free bread for me today. I think I'm stalling. Have a wonderful day!

I made one of these for my 11 y.o. daughter (who is completely mad for all things Harry Potter). I used a heavier weight paper (watercolor paper) and it ended up with a great, substantial feel in your hand.

When one of my daughter's friends spent the night over Christmas break, they begged to make one. So they did. But this time I only used the glue gun for the ends of the wand. They created their designs using glue and string, yarn, and seed beads. I did a lot of the work on my 6 y.o.'s to show the older girls how to do each step (but my little one still got to choose the design and did the final painting).

I put a large bead in the "handle" end of each wand (they thought it was sooo pretty). In the first one I made I also used a button in the "business" end. It was made of mother of pearl chips and sparkles so well that my daughter thought it was an actual light.

The best comment during our craft session came from my daughter's friend. She told me that one of the reasons she loves to come over to our house is the limitless store of craft supplies. I always plan crafts for the slumber parties. :)

This is such a neat idea! Now, all I need to do is find a way to put a star on top for a princess wand and my 4 year old will be in love. Thanks for sharing!

Great idea and I am sure even older kids might enjoy this!

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These are SO neat! And sound easy enough to do! Plus its always fun when everyone can get into the crafting, right!?! :)

we found those last summer when I refused to pay ridiculous amounts for a wizard wand. my boys love them and have gotten to the point that they go to my work station and make their own with their friends - great craft!

Great craft. Kara's been making her own from sticks. She'd love this.

Those are so cool! I may just have to try it!

They are amazing...I have pined them for inspiration :-)

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