February 2, 2012

Ahhh, Scentsy

Guess what came the other day - - Scentsy sent a warmer and some new scents to try out....I got excited just seeing the box....
 And was even more so when I saw the warmer - - it's called "Crinkle", it's new, and I'm in love with it!!
 It's plain but fun, all all the same time - so perfect!!  It's like Scentsy read my mind when they sent it.

This year's Scent of the Year is Pink Pepper --- which when I first heard that I was unsure, but I really like it.  Here's a good explanation of why they choose it:   "Pink Pepper is appropriate for these challenging times because it's uplifting and has a certain optimism to it. It's bold and zesty, but has a warmth that's comforting," said Pastre. "It's the contrasts that make it exciting: feminine and floral, yet sexy and exotic."

You can read all about the ScenTrends HERE: http://scentrend.com/

I'm currently using the warmer in my entryway with the Pink Pepper Scent - for all who stop by to be able to smell and enjoy!

Did you know that scentsy is so safe for kiddos that the wax isn't hot enough to burn them - whoever figured that out is genius.  I don't hesitate to leave ours on even with tons of kids around - and I'm fine leaving it on when we're gone too cause it's only a light bulb, and it smells so good to come back home to it jazzing up the air.

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I love my scentsy! They are so wonderful! I had no idea though that they didn't get that hot and are safe for kiddos! Wonderful!



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A fellow Scentsy Sister here.

Love how Crinkle glows....GORGEOUS!

I LOVE supporting direct sales ladies (and as a consultant for Thirty-one, I have a vested interest in DS companies!) and this has got to be one of my all time favorite companies to buy from. Great product, great selection of options, great delivery times and system - I've never been disappointed in a Scentsy order. I've been really tempted to try out that new scent, Pink Pepper, and you make it sound irresistible!

Don't you just love the scents? Yummm My husband's favorite is Mochadoodle. I bought 3 of the packs of it. It does smell so yummy!

I like too many of them. LOL I have a stack on my counter. A lot are Vanilla or have Vanilla in them.

I never turn my warmers off. I love that I don't have to worry about my 2 year old burning himself! I've been a Scentsy consultant for 3 years now and I still get excited when the UPS man comes (which has become a 4 day a week thing around here).

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