February 16, 2012

Basket Parties

Yesterday I let you in on the fun of Paparazzi.  Today I want to share something I do with that - Basket Parties.  Obviously mine is filled with jewelry, but if you sell Scentsy or Avon or whatever, as long as you have stock on hand, this could work for you too!

The idea is you send a basket with someone - like to their office or book group or salon - and they sell what they can for you.  They get a "hostess bonus" for their effort, and it's easy peasy on your end.  A win-win.

First you have to find a basket or a small suitcase or something.  I think this used to be a picnic basket.  I bought it at a thrift store - it was $8 which I thought was high, but it was exactly what I was looking for, so I splurged.  I wanted something that had a lid so it closed and handles.  Here's my preschooler showing you how easy it is to carry:
 This is what it looks like when you first open it up - I have a piece of foam sitting in there to help pad things and keep them from shifting:

I had to modify the basket just a bit - I wanted the top to prop open like a display instead of flipping all the way over, so I hot glued in some ribbon on each side like so:
Then I covered the lid in black felt and hot glued in a couple of strips of elastic to hold the items on display from jingling around.  I shimmied in some paper clips, through the felt and inbetween the basket wicker, to provide makeshift small hooks for the display cards.  So when you open it you see these right on display:

Inside the basket right when it's opened you can see I have smaller baskets ($1 section at Target) laying on their side.  That way when the picnic basket is picked up, the baskets inside are upright.  Then the person with the basket party can pull out the smaller baskets when they're selling the items.  I have a basket for hair clips, headbands, and bracelets.  The rings I keep in their original container and the necklaces are just laying in their in the original sleeves.  I also have a little zipper pouch with change in it (about $20 in quarters and $1s)

 Also in the basket is a tally/info sheet - I just use a clear folder.  On one side are shopping bags prefilled with my info and a sheet on Paparazzi info in case anyone is interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant.  The other side has a tally sheet to keep track of what is sold and how much change is left, etc.  I also include a small calculator and a pricing sheet.

 Once again, I use this for Paparazzi, but I think basket parties are GREAT and would work for anything where you have a little inventory you want to show off.

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LOVE your basket! I do party in bag parties for Scentsy. I won a thirty-one thermal tote awhile back in a blog giveaway. Maybe from you actually now that I think about it... Anyway, I fill it with everything needed for a little party in a bag. :) Plus it's thermal so it keeps the scent testers from melting.

Great idea, Mandy! So I went over to look in to selling Paparrazzi yesterday after your post. I was so sad -they are only in the USA right now, so us Canadians can't get in on that action! sigh! Anyway, here's to hoping they expand soon.

Awesome Idea. I am passing this along to some of my friends. I love baskets period! Have quite a few just like you are showing! Thanks for sharing this. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

That's actually a really awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.

I love this basket! Err suitcase? purse? Many ideas for it's use. My youngest daughter also sells Scentsy and does the basket parties. She has a big round basket that she puts the candle scents in.

Thank you for sharing! I have been looking for ideas to do a
basket party!!

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